Four Eco Entrepreneurs Share Autumn Inspirations

Nature's ever-changing landscape reminds us of life's inherent flux, with the transition of seasons serving as a poignant example.

Autumn, in particular, invites us to release, adapt, and turn inward as the weather cools. For countless creatures, it initiates a natural rhythm of preparation for the impending winter—migration and food gathering become paramount.

In a conversation with three eco-conscious entrepreneurs, Jess, our Co-Founder, delved into their cherished autumnal natural inspirations. For these individuals, a profound reverence for Mother Nature forms the bedrock of their businesses and contributions to the world.

Adrian Kaleel is the Founder of Spiritus Stones

Adrian Kaleel, the Founder of Spiritus Stones — a beloved mindful jewellery brand we love at Sensoriam—finds solace in the autumnal charm of Puerto Escondido, Mexico. "Mother Nature puts on quite the show during the autumn season with gloriously balmy days at the beach, followed by cooler evenings, watching the golden sunset hit the terrain," he reflects. Adrian shared more with us about Spiritus Stones here.

Emily Riggs is the Founder of Iris and Wool

Emily Riggs, the creative force behind the sustainable Iris & Wool collection, intertwines fashion and nature seamlessly. "I’ve always been an animal and nature lover. I think after losing mum I often look for her in Mother Nature. From the morning light hitting a silvery frost to the sun setting through the branches of a gum tree especially in autumn and in the purple petals of her favourite flower the Iris," she shares. “And it’s why the beauty of nature continues to inspire my collections.”

Bianca is the visionary behind Organic Hair Sydney

Bianca, the visionary behind Organic Hair Sydney, finds tranquillity amidst the snowy majesty of the NSW mountains. "Not that I get there often enough, but my favourite place in Autumn is the snowy mountains of NSW. I love the unmistakable feel of the seasons changing," she enthuses. “The clean air and the transition from warm breezes to cooler air excite me for my favourite season, Winter.”

Jessica Kiely is the Co-founder of Sensoriam

Jess's personal favourite spot lies near her parents' residence in Orange, rural NSW, where the streets are adorned with deciduous Poplar trees ablaze in vibrant hues. "I have fond memories of my children playing in mounds of leaves from these magnificent trees," she reminisces. “The journey through the Blue Mountains and Bathrust en route to Orange, with leaves gently descending, feels like a show just for me”, she adds, breathlessly.

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As we navigate this season of transition and introspection, may we delve deep, rooted in the wisdom of nature. Venture outdoors, immerse yourself in its embrace, and discover the profound reflections it offers for your own journey.

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