Naturally Scented Candles in Australia

There’s nothing more luxurious than unwinding after a hectic day in a candle-lit room infused with beautiful natural aromas. Sensoriam’s goal is to provide you with the world’s best range of naturally scented candles, helping you to safely and healthily enjoy using them in your home, without the risk of exposing yourself to toxins found in synthetic products.

The blends we carry work powerfully to energise, soothe, and revitalise the senses. With high-quality natural and organic ingredients infused into premium soy wax, you can rest assured that your mind, body, and soul will be treated with the utmost care. Shop our range of scented candles in Australia with Sensoriam.


Nurture Your Senses with Scented Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy has a powerful effect on the mind and mood. Captured inside of rich, premium-quality soy wax, these unique fragrances fill the room with energising molecules that soothe stresses and revitalise in just a few minutes.

Instilled with natural fragrance oils from Australia and abroad, our selection of scented candles in Australia offers something special. Fill spaces with the aroma of eucalyptus, blue gum, and other native plants that cleanse, purify, and bring a sense of vitality. Better yet, send these native scents to homesick loved ones and let the power of fragrance evoke fond memories while they’re away!

Intensely perfumed with up to 48 hours burn time, the aromas elevate the atmosphere in any space. Made of pure soy with cotton wicks, these items are ethical, sustainable, and a joy to use. Pure essential oils are used to create scents that stimulate without doing any harm. To maximise burning time, keep the wick trimmed at 5cm above the wax and enjoy long-term use.

If you prefer to use a burner, take a look through our essential oils collection, where you’ll discover timeless, stately burners and intense oils for use in the home and elsewhere.

Find Your Favourite Scent, Captured in a Candle

Many of the fragrances by world-class perfumeries Vanessa Megan, Vahy and Addition Studio are now available in candle form.

Enjoy them in their purest form as room fragrances, burned for hours at a time. Most of the brand’s best-sellers are available both for air-borne use and as perfumes that mix and mingle with your natural skin fragrance. Sample them on yourself through our mini perfume sets and decide whether you prefer them in the air, or to be with you everywhere. Alternatively, bring both forms into your world and immerse yourself in the beauty of natural fragrance.

Our natural scented candles in Australia are also part of our perfume gift collection. With Buy Now, Pay Later options available, you can afford to stock up on thoughtful presents for friends and family, no matter where they are. Explore the full range today.

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