Our Difference

The Sensoriam Curation

Sensoriam is a curation of the world’s most exquisite natural parfum, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, eau de cologne, eau de fraîche, essential oils, candles and room sprays.

Our founders, natural beauty expert Jessica Kiely and brand pioneer Emma Scott, started Sensoriam to unite their passions for natural perfumes and premium customer experiences. Jessica and Emma travel the world to uncover distinctive and small-batch perfume creators, eschewing mass-market “big perfume” manufacturers.

Our values are uncompromising: all perfumes are incredibly luxurious; beautifully crafted and artisanal in approach. Free of all synthetic chemicals and harmful toxins. We don’t see our bespoke range as a limited choice, but a discerning selection awaiting your discovery.

Sensoriam was born in Australia. Open to the universe.

Natural Ingredients

In a world full of synthetics, homogenisation and mass-production, the so called “advancements” in perfume have taken us further and further away from what is natural. Our senses are overloaded with unnatural and impure stimuli. Fragrance allergies are rising. We’ve become desensitised and dis-eased.

At Sensoriam we see progress as taking a step backwards. Removing the unnatural and unnecessary. We are leading the conscious back to a place of sensorial arousal. A place where humans can use our senses to experience the beauty of the world, unadulterated and pure.

Vibrational Energy

Everything in the universe is made up of molecules vibrating at different speeds. As human beings, when vibrating at a higher frequency we feel lighter, happier and more connected to the world around us.

The modern, disconnected urban lifestyle can lower our vibrational frequency. But this is not a ‘fait accompli’. You have the power to change your own vibration. Through the choices you make and the time you spend in nature, you can manifest change with your thoughts and emotions.

By consciously choosing ethically made products with pure ingredients you can help raise your vibration. Natural scents possess a vitality; a bioactive power, which manifests itself in their potent effect on emotions and states of being. This affects the frequency in which we move.

At Sensoriam we bring you perfumes made by like-minded creators and pure ingredients for the purpose of raising vibration.

Your senses are a gateway

Toxins block access to heightened levels of consciousness, awareness and spiritual development. By striping away what’s artificial we gain greater clarity, vitality and connection to nature.

We smell differently, with more pleasure.
We see differently, with more perspective.
We touch differently, with more sensitivity.
We taste differently, with more anticipation.
We hear differently... the sound of the universe.

By opening the senses we unlock new biology. We enhance our sense of intuition, connectedness, and ability to see the beauty of the universe. Our senses are a gateway to access higher states of consciousness, and the sense of joy that flows from it.

Sensoriam is an awakening of the senses. A return to a sense of self.
Sense all that is beautiful.
Sense all that is pure.

Sensor I am.