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Sensoriam is a luxury perfumery with a single ethos: 100% natural perfumes, consciously selected.

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Your senses as a gateway

Scent is a direct path to the soul. When you immerse yourself in scent, you open a connection to an awakened state and heightened consciousness. You have immediate access to pleasure through smell.


Yoga teacher, actress, writer

Rachael Coopes

"It reminds me of a luxurious parisian scent, and my time living in Paris"


Sensoriam Co-founder, Brand Strategist, Nature Lover⁠

Emma Scott

"My body is so drawn to the crisp woody fragrance. It is such an unusual scent. It actually divides people, which is why I love it even more"


Emma's Favourite natural perfume

Fine Jewellery Maker, Piercer, Stylist⁠

Tamila Purvis

"I love the harmonising attributes of this perfume; floral and velvety on my skin.⁠


Creative director, Mum⁠

Clare Alstin

"I love its sexy oriental notes.⁠"


Clare's Favourite natural perfume

Model, Eco-fashion Designer⁠

Estelita Huijer

"I love this perfume, it's sophisticated and feminine. Makes me feel like dancing in a field of flowers.⁠"


Estelita's Favourite natural perfume

Comedian, Tedx Speaker, Actor

Diana Ngyuen

"Being an artist I am constantly looking for inspiration, something to spark my creativity. I use the essential oils before meditation, breathwork, or just to awaken my senses. I carry MUSE in my handbag, ready for the spark of artistry.⁠"


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Natural Perfumes in Australia

Immerse yourself in luxurious fragrances that evoke emotion and elevate your being to new heights.

Sensoriam brings beautiful, chemical-free scents from all over the world to Australia. Born out of a love for organic perfume, we have carefully curated a range of high-quality non-toxic fragrances as part of our collection, providing you with scents that instil a sense of poise, calm, and luxury.

A complete sensory experience awaits you. We stock everything from full-sized natural perfumes in Australia, to colognes, eau de toilettes, eau de fraiche, scented candles and bath care products.

Available online, it’s never been easier to find organic, non-toxic perfumes and fragrances. Shop online and enjoy free shipping Australia-wide on orders over $50.

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Envelop Yourself in Chemical-free Natural Perfumes

Chemicals are ever present in today’s day and age. At Sensoriam, we carefully curate our collection to ensure each of the perfumes we sell is free of synthetic chemicals. What’s left is a range of pure, natural, cruelty-free products that are 100% vegan and safe for use.

No allergies triggered, no nasty additives. Just beautifully crafted scents for the home and body, ready to raise your mood, spirits, and overall vibration. Take a look through our stunning collection today.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Vegan Perfumes in Australia

Here at Sensoriam, we believe in supporting ethical, sustainable businesses. Stocking local and international brands such as Addition Studio, Vahy, Vanessa Megan, One Seed, Floratopia and more, you can rest assured that the high-quality brands we carry all align with our own values and standards.

Many of these are locally owned and operated, just like us. Capturing the unique aromas of Australia through essential oils and other fragrances, their products add a refreshing twist to perfumes, candles, and other home fragrances. Explore the full range of gifts and sets today and support locally made!

Shop Online at Your Convenience

In the natural perfume and fragrance world, discerning which ingredients qualify as ‘clean’ has become a science. We take it upon ourselves to thoroughly research every element that goes into the scents we carry, from harvest through to production. What you’re left with is a range of organic perfumes in Australia that is completely plant-based, ethically sourced, and ready for guilt-free shopping.

All products come in beautiful, sustainable packaging that makes them perfect for gifting, no matter the occasion. From premium soy scented candles to mini perfume sample sets, you’re free to shop consciously online.

Looking to give the gift of natural, organic fragrances, but not sure what to choose? Our gift vouchers are the perfect answer. Plus, with Buy Now, Pay Later options available, you can afford to surround yourself with clean, gorgeous scents. Shop online today and enjoy.