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Here we answer all of your frequently asked questions about natural perfume and about Sensoriam in general.

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About Natural Perfumes

A ‘perfume’ is the scent of something, the odor that is emitted by a substance. Each of us has our own ‘perfume’ or scent that we give off, even with no product!

But of course, most of us know ‘perfume’ to mean those beautiful products in stunning bottles that we use to spray over us to help us smell like all things sweet, spicy and oh so sexy!

We also know that ‘perfume’ these days includes everything from essential oils through to luxury fragrances from Dior and Chanel.

For us here at Sensoriam, ‘natural perfume’ means a fragrance that is made from 100% natural ingredients, like essential oils, natural alcohols, absolutes and tinctures of herbs and flowers. It means ZERO synthetic ingredients. It means ZERO so called ‘safe synthetics’. And for us, we believe that means the best quality perfume for you, your body and the planet.

If you would like to know the benefits of choosing natural perfumes, and why we believe in them, please head to our ‘Why Switch to Natural Perfume’ page to learn more.

We get asked this question a lot!

It all depends on what ‘perfume’ you are used to buying and using. Most of the mainstream luxury perfumes can range from $120 to $250 a bottle. And you will see that many of our natural perfumes sit in that same range.

However, unlike mainstream perfumes, natural perfumes are a lot more expensive to produce and make. This is because 100% natural ingredients are more expensive than synthetics. Synthetic ingredients can be made in bulk quickly and cheaply, as they are made in manufacturing factories where large quantities can be produced quickly. This of course means those ingredients are very ‘cost effective’ for large scale perfume companies.

Whereas, 100% natural ingredients are produced in smaller quantities, and extracting the ‘perfume’ from these natural ingredients takes longer and is most often done in smaller batches. These factors mean that the ingredient prices are much higher, and therefore the cost to produce a natural perfume is a lot higher. What it also means is that the quality of the ingredients in each and every natural perfume is very high and very pure. We believe this ensures the natural perfumes are truly premium, luxurious and worth the money.

There are two ways to answer this question! How long does the natural perfume last on your skin and can still be smelt, and how long does natural perfume last in its bottle?

In general, natural perfumes do not last as long as synthetic perfumes because they DO NOT contain synthetic ingredients like phthalates and parabens which are used by mainstream perfumes to ensure they ‘stick’ to your skin and clothes and linger for longer periods of time. Natural perfumes do not have these ingredients because they have been linked to many health issues. Please head to our ‘Why Switch to Natural Perfume’ page to learn more about those health concerns and issues. 

However, there are many ways to use your natural perfume to ensure it lasts longer and you get maximum longevity from use. You can head to our blog post on ‘How to Make Your Natural Perfume Last Longer.”

In terms of how long does natural perfume last in its bottle or container, it depends on the perfume's storage conditions. Avoid exposing perfume to excessive heat or direct sunlight. So that means, set up your natural perfume display out of the sun and somewhere cool to ensure your perfume lasts as long as possible. 

When properly stored, your perfume should last up to 2 to 3 years. Most perfumes have a ‘best before’ date of up to 3 years from manufacturing, but many last longer than that and still retain their strong aroma.

No, ‘natural perfume’ does not mean it is ‘organic’. 

Many of our natural perfumes contain organic ingredients, and you will see them listed in the ingredients list for each of the products. But that does not mean the whole product is considered ‘organic’ nor ‘certified organic’. They are two different things again! We know all of the terms can get confusing at times, so please reach out to us at hello@sensoriam.com if you have any questions or particular health needs that you need to check ingredients with.

Most of the ingredients used in mainstream perfumes on the market today are tested on animals to check if they are ‘safe’ for humans. This means animals are used by spraying a chemical in their eyes, or on their skin to see if they have a reaction. We believe this is both cruel and completely unnecessary.

All of the ingredients used in our natural perfumes are cruelty free. This means they have not been tested on animals. Yes of course they are still tested to be sure they are safe, but animals are not used. There are many other ways that science has discovered to test the safety of chemicals so that animals are never tested on. And to be sure they are safe for humans. So that is what is meant by ‘cruelty free’ natural perfume. 

In regards to ‘vegan perfume’, what this means is that no animal products are used in the perfumes. In the past, and particularly when perfume was first being created many thousands of years ago, all sorts of ‘natural’ ingredients were used, including animal products. Things like the glands of deer, the oils from whales, the poop from other animals and more. Now for some of these they are obtained only by actually killing the animal, or other cruel treatments. There have been advancements in extracting these in more humane and sustainable ways, however it is often hard to track and prove practices are sustainable, humane and transparent. This is why we have chosen to feature brands that are vegan, which means they use NO ANIMAL INGREDIENTS at all, so you can be rest assured no animals have been hurt, or used to produce your perfume. All perfumes are made from plant based ingredients.

No, none of our products contain any of the above ingredients.

About Sensoriam

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Our boxes are made from 100% recycled paper products. The inner filling is recyclable paper. The satchel delivery bag that your box is delivered in is made from biodegradable materials.

Ensuring we are running a business in a sustainable and ethical way, is very important to us. 

One of our core 

Our packaging for the boxes is made from recycled cardboard and is recyclable.

Our filling inside the boxes is fully recyclable & biodegradable.

We partner with brands that share our values of sustainability, high quality & natural ingredients. 

Within our office we ensure we recycle everything we can.

We work with brands to encourage the use of glass, recycled plastics and recyclable containers for their travel samples that you receive. We encourage you to re-use all of them for your own purposes too; they are great for arts and crafts, travel and many other uses.

By providing all the information about our featured products online we’re reducing the paper products used in our boxes.

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