Can You Layer Natural Perfumes to Create Your Own Signature Scent?

There’s no better compliment than being asked, "Wow, you smell amazing! What perfume are you wearing?"—now, that's the kind of praise that sticks with you, naturally. Scent is such a personal thing, and when someone notices how good you smell, it's like an instant mood boost and chance to share your natural perfume love!

Ever thought about getting a bit creative with your fragrance and crafting your own special scent? That's where perfume layering comes in. It might sound a tad fancy, but don't worry, it's not as complicated as it seems. We had a chat with some experts to get the lowdown on mixing and matching perfumes like a pro, so you can whip up a unique fragrance that'll have everyone asking for your secret.

What is Perfume Layering?

Perfume layering involves applying multiple fragrances on different parts of the body or blending perfumes together to create a harmonious and personalised scent. This method allows you to customise your fragrance experience by mixing complementary or contrasting notes to achieve a scent that is entirely your own.

What are the benefits of layering perfume?

Layering perfume means you can personalise, it gives you more variety and even more longevity in your scent.

It lets you tailor a scent that's entirely your own, reflecting your individual style and preferences. Layering enables you to experiment with different fragrance combinations, offering a diverse range of scents without the need to purchase multiple bottles. Mixing multiple fragrances together can also enhance the staying power of the scent on your skin, prolonging its presence throughout the day.

Can you wear two perfumes at once?

Absolutely! Wearing two perfumes at once is totally fine. However, it's essential to choose perfumes with similar concentrations to ensure one scent doesn't overpower the other. For the best results, try blending perfumes with different notes rather than pairing ones with similar characteristics. This approach can lead to more intriguing and balanced results.

What should I consider when layering perfume?

When layering perfume, several factors should be taken into consideration for the best results. Firstly, consider it an experiment! Try out a few combo’s when you are at home and not when you are just about to go out. This is in case you put together two scents that really clash and there is no time to start again!

When you are experimenting, it's essential to note the compatibility of fragrance notes in each perfume to ensure they find harmony. Experimentation with combining complementary or contrasting notes can add depth and complexity to the final scent composition.

Additionally, pay attention to the intensity levels of each perfume —layering lighter, delicate scents over stronger ones prevents overpowering the overall fragrance.

You can also experiment with various application techniques, such as spraying, dabbing, or blending, which will allow for customisation of your scent intensity and diffusion.

Plus it is always good to consider the season, occasion, and mood. Opt for lighter, refreshing scents in warmer months, while richer, more opulent fragrances are ideal for cooler seasons or evening events.

The Michael Edwards Fragrance Wheel can help with understanding complimentary notes.

The Michael Edwards Fragrance Wheel

What do I need to be careful of when layering perfumes?

Firstly, it's essential to avoid overloading the senses by applying too many perfumes simultaneously, as this can lead to olfactory fatigue…or perfume headache! As was said before, be mindful of combining fragrances with clashing notes, it just won't work.

Before extensively layering perfumes, it's wise to perform patch tests on a small area of your skin to check for allergic reactions or skin sensitivities. As you are mixing scents and each may have different levels of certain oils, this sort of testing is a good idea.

Why are natural perfumes ideal for perfume layering?

Natural perfumes, crafted from botanical ingredients and essential oils, offer many benefits for perfume layering.

With their intricate scent profiles and nuanced layers, natural perfumes can be a great choice for blending and layering. The botanical ingredients harmonise effortlessly, just like in nature, and so can offer endless opportunities for experimentation and creativity.

And the best part? Free from synthetic chemicals and harsh additives, these fragrances are gentle on your skin and eco-friendly, promoting overall well-being while leaving you smelling divine.

What natural perfumes layer well together?

Liz Cook the Founder of One Seed shared with us that as their scents are already very multilayered, layering different perfumes is not really needed. “But for those who love layering, Tides is a beautiful way to add a fresh, salty skin-musk note to any of our other scents, and Dreamer will add a layer of flirty fruitiness to our fresher scents (Freedom, Hope, Field, Tides).”

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Sonia Orts has always loved to layer the scents in her collection to create interesting combinations. “There's one that I've done personally many times,” shares Sonia, “and this one would be for spring. I have layered No4 with No1, it spices up No4 and adds some wooden, crisp, and herbal layers to it.”

“Another good match would be No2 with No5 to intensify it. It is like taking a summer in Capri to a Japanese forest in autumn. Or alternatively, for fresh and sparkling scent lovers I would suggest pairing No2 with No1, together they bring a wide array of Mediterranean coastal fresh aromas, from Spanish eastern shores up to the Amalfi Coast making a stop at the French Riviera.” 

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Another popular scent layering option is with Vahy. Anna, Co-Founder of Vahy has an obsession with layering Tarkine and Ember Haze together for a smoky autumn scent that is unique. Anna says “our customers love to layer and many of the Vahy scents do well together. Neon Neroli and Isle of Blanc give a super fresh summer feel when they are together." And Kate, Vahy's other Co-Founder says "Hot tip alert! Use a ratio of 1:2 (Neon Neroli to Isle of Blanc) for best results." Here at Sensoriam we also love to layer Desert Nomad with almost all of the Vahy scents to bring in a sweetness that is very unique.

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Does perfume layering make it last longer?

When it comes to extending the longevity of your perfume, strategic layering of scents can be highly effective. By layering fragrances strategically, you create a more complex blend of top, middle, and base notes. Essentially, you're amplifying both the base and top notes, which enhances both the lasting power and the scent trail (sillage) of your perfume.

What are the rules for layering?

Here are some tips to master the art of fragrance layering:

  • Start with the strongest fragrance as the base, then layer lighter ones on top. Some of our strongest natural perfumes are listed here. 

  • Limit layering to two fragrances to avoid overwhelming the senses.

  • Try using different types of scented products for a longer-lasting scent.

  • Begin with a moisturiser to help the fragrances adhere better to the skin.

  • Start by layering fragrances from the same scent family.

  • Experiment with contrasting scents for a unique twist.

Remember, the key to successful layering is experimentation—find what combination suits you best!

Of course scent smells differently on everyone too - you can find out why here.  There are also many easy ways to help your perfume last longer, even when layering.

Perfume layering invites us to explore our olfactory creativity and express our unique scent identity. You can craft a bespoke scent that evokes your personal style and mood. With natural perfumes as the medium of choice, the possibilities for fragrance layering are endless, offering a sensory journey that is both enriching and delightful. What are you going to combine? Enjoy experimenting.

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