Need help in determining which perfume is the right perfume for you? Or is there a special occasion that you need to find the perfect perfume for?

Book in to spend 30 minutes with natural perfume expert and co-founder of Sensoriam, Jessica Kiely, to help you find your signature natural scents.

Jessica has years of experience in the natural beauty space and is well versed in scent profiles, major scents, ingredient profiles and of course perfume sensibility. During the scent experience Jessica will assist you to find your Power Scent, your Sexy Scent and your Soul Scent.

We all have many aspects to ourselves, and fragrance can help us to deepen our connection to those aspects of self. Smell is a portal. A gateway. Scent is a direct path to the soul. When you immerse yourself in scent, you open a connection to an awakened state and heightened consciousness. You have immediate access to pleasure through smell.

A Sensoriam 30 minute consultation is FREE. We offer in-person consults at our Bondi, Australia Sensoriam Scent Station or online consults also. With the online consults we help guide you to put together your own personalised mini exploration of 5-6 scent samples. We post this out to you with a 20% off voucher so you can TEST, DECIDE, GO FULL SIZE.

To book simply fill in the form below. Please complete our Scent Quiz prior to your consult.