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Addition Studio is a conscious company that envisions a life where refined design, a healthy lifestyle and a clear mind come together harmoniously. Addition Studio synthesises popular culture, health, wellness, ancient ritual, sculptural aesthetics and modern art through the prism of utility. They are committed to producing with the lowest impact, for a sustainable present and a bright future. Addition Studio believes you can create a calm, healthy and creative existence by performing daily rituals which nourish your mind and body. At Sensoriam we bring to you the Addition Studio objects and scents created to infuse your atmosphere. Designed to transcend seasons, thoughtfully designed pieces in timeless silhouettes and from high quality materials so they last a lifetime. All scents are created using 100% all natural essential oils.

Made from Nature

Drawing inspiration and memories from stories of campfire smells and flora bursting with spring, the essence of the Australian outback and ancient indigenous remedies, Addition Studio has created a range of natural products that reflect Australia’s living environment.

The team at Addition Studio, want to inspire you to consume consciously and sustainably. They want to help you reduce your environmental impact by improving your daily life.

For a Sustainable Future

We are nature lovers and believe in a positive future. We are creators who want to inspire you to consume consciously and sustainably by reducing your impact on the environment in your daily routine.

To transcend seasons, we carefully create crafted pieces in timeless silhouettes, from high quality metals and stones so they last a lifetime. Our range of Body products is locally produced in Australia which reduces our carbon footprint during manufacturing. All ingredients used in this manufacture are plant based. We donate to ensure One Tree is Planted for every online purchase.