The Founders

Sensoriam founders
Jessica Kiely & Emma Scott

Smelling mum’s perfume on the way to ballet.

A life-altering separation.

These aren’t the usual catalysts for starting a perfumery.

But then, Sensoriam is not your usual perfumery.

For friends and founders Jessica Kiely and Emma Scott —

Sensoriam has been a very personal journey.

Jessica Kiely

For our natural beauty expert, Jessica Kiely, the path to Sensoriam began on one unassuming day in 2013 when her husband announced he wanted out of their marriage. It was a turning point for Jessica, who realised she needed to strip away toxins of body, mind, spirit and soul. With a deeper connection to nature and holistic living, Jessica discovered a stronger, more beautiful sense of self.

As well as being an expert in natural beauty, Jessica is the ultimate slashie. She is an internationally-acclaimed speaker / workshop facilitator / trainer / and prolific entrepreneur. From starting her first business at 19, leading training programs in Singapore, and founding Australia’s first all-natural beauty-box subscription — Jessica’s enthusiasm makes amazing things happen.

Emma Scott

It all began in the family station wagon driving to ballet for our brand pioneer, Emma Scott. As a kid, she had to sit for the whole drive breathing in the overpowering scent from her mum’s synthetic perfume, Anais Anais. It made Emma so nauseous she could barely stand straight during ballet class! This was the beginning of a decades-long hyper-sensitivity to artificial fragrances. It also opened Emma’s eyes (and nose) to the benefits of natural products and clean living. Throughout her life, embracing spiritual and metaphysical practices has had a profound impact on Emma’s sense of wellbeing.

While she never did pursue professional ballet, Emma’s career has seen her start her own branding agency, illustrate children’s books, thrive in Italy’s magazine industry and launch a non-profit that empowers women in developing countries.