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Introducing Adrian Kaleel: The Founder of Spiritus Stones

When it comes to jewellery, it's not just about the aesthetic appeal or the fashion statement it makes. For Adrian Kaleel, the founder of Spiritus Stones, jewellery is a form of healing and self-expression. His unique approach to jewellery design has captivated the hearts of many, and his brand has gained a loyal following worldwide. But how did Adrian Kaleel, a former corporate professional, make the shift from the corporate world to becoming a successful jewellery designer with a passion for healing and spirituality?

Let's dive into the inspiring journey of Adrian Kaleel, the mastermind behind Spiritus Stones.

Leaving the corporate world

Adrian Kaleel's journey began in the corporate world, where he worked for several years in sales roles for renowned companies like ACP Magazines, Paramount Pictures, and Harlequin, owned by HarperCollins. Despite his success in the corporate world, Adrian felt a sense of emptiness and lack of fulfillment.

“It got to the point where I could not imagine being my boss. The possibility was slowly rising where I would be taking over my boss's role, managing a larger division and and I thought, ‘is this is this what life's all about?’” shares Adrian.

He realised that there was more to life than just hitting targets and climbing the corporate ladder. This led Adrian on a path of self-discovery and exploration.

A path of self discovery in Mexico

A turning point in Adrian's life came when a friend invited him to join a Transcendental Meditation course. After six months of practicing meditation, Adrian experienced a moment of complete clarity, where his higher self spoke to him and urged him to save money, quit his job, sell his apartment if needed, and travel around the world to figure out his next steps in life. Adrian took this message to heart and embarked on a life-changing journey.

Adrian's travels took him to New York City and then to Mexico, where he felt a deep connection with the culture and people.

“I had an amazing time in Mexico, I had this beautiful connection to the city, like I had lived there many lifetimes.”

He spent several months in Mexico, exploring different healing modalities. One particular experience with a shaman opened Adrian's eyes to the power of gemstones. The shaman explained to him the symbolism of Tiger's Eye, a gemstone known for manifesting one's wildest dreams in life. This particular experience spoke to Adrian and became the catalyst that inspired Adrian to share the healing and symbolism of gemstones with others through jewellery.

Spiritus Stones gemstone jewellry

Studying the art of jewellery making from local artisans

Adrian decided to stay in Mexico for another six months to learn how to create gemstone jewellery from local artisans. He immersed himself in the art and craft of jewellery making, mastering different techniques and incorporating the healing energies of gemstones into his designs. He also set up the Spiritus Stones website during his time in Mexico, laying the foundation for his brand.

Spiritus Stones combines Adrian's love for gemstones, his passion for healing, and his artistic flair to create unique and meaningful jewelry pieces. Each piece is carefully designed with specific gemstones that are believed to possess healing properties, making them not just beautiful adornments but also tools for self-care and personal growth.

Spiritus Stones gemstone artisan jewelry

The launch of Spiritus Stones

Since its launch Spiritus Stones has gained a devoted following of customers who resonate with Adrian's vision and mission. Adrian admits that the journey hasn't been easy, and he faces challenges every day as a jack of all trades in his business. However, he wouldn't have it any other way, as he feels that he has found his purpose in life.

Spiritus Stones the Mr Minty bracelet

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