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Spicy Perfume

A fragrance for the adventurous: spicy fragrance perfumes are daring, bold, and fiery.

Sensoriam’s spicy perfumes for ladies and men exude warmth and are a sophisticated selection for after-dark.

Seductive spices, delectably supported by middle and bottom notes including citrus, bergamot, vanilla, and jasmine give oriental perfumes their distinctive multi-layered qualities, changing each time you wear them.

Classic spicy perfumes are also known as ‘amber’ fragrances, delivering warmth and sensuality.

Typically heavy and lavish, spicy scents can be softened with lighter florals - this sub-group is referred to as soft spicy. On the other end of the spectrum, woody spicy perfumes contain elements like sandalwood and patchouli to add depth and earthy character.

These fragrances are for the mysterious and the alluring: unlock your senses and explore exotic corners of the world with the best oriental perfumes, curated from boutique producers, and made for you.