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Floral Perfume

Floral-based perfumes are light, fresh, and sweet - and ultimately the perfect depiction of a warm summer’s day.

It’s no wonder why floral perfumes are some of the most popular fragrances in the world. Ranging in intensity, from soft florals to flirty, intense scents, florals are unapologetically romantic and enjoyed by people of all ages.

Characterised, as the name suggests, from the scents that come from flowers, floral perfumes for women and men are effervescent, light, and bubbly. Whether you prefer a light and fresh floral perfume or are searching for something a little more sultry and enchanting, explore our premium collection of the best floral perfumes, curated from all over the world.

Within this fragrance family, you will find softer, subtle floral scents as well as ‘floral oriental’, where the sensual powers of oriental perfectly complement the playful nature of a classic floral note perfume.

From the best warm floral perfumes with delicious notes of rose and amber to the top fruity floral perfumes that capture the refreshing nature of a spring day, discover a new favourite fragrance with Sensoriam.