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Sweet perfume

Bubbly and innocent, with a hint of sassiness, sweet smelling perfumes are uplifting and bold.

The sweet perfume spectrum is extensive, from fresh and sweet feminine perfumes to the best sweet fruity perfumes that are vibrant and playful.

Sweet perfumes are also referred to as gourmand, which comes from the French word meaning one who is fond of good food. The term perfectly captures this perfume family’s characteristic of bold, fragrant notes consisting of edible flavours, such as vanilla, chocolate, burnt sugar, and caramel.

With a commitment to ethical, non-toxic, and clean fragrances free from synthetics, Sensoriam’s collection of sweet fantasy perfumes are a nostalgic hint back to the innocence of childhood.

For the young - and the young-at-heart: discover new favourites with Sensoriam’s premium collection of sweet perfumes for her, curated from the world’s best brands, brought right here to you in Australia.