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We would love to hear from you! Please contact us at

As we endeavour to pack and ship your order within 24 - 48 hours, changes to orders will need to be supplied within 12 hours of order. If within 12 hours of your original order you decide you would like to change your order, we’ll be happy to support you in that.  Simply contact us through at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

We always endeavor to get your order out as soon as it comes in but please allow 4 – 5 business days in Australia, and internationally will depend on international shipping conditions and your location. If you need express delivery, please contact us directly and we will work with your request.

These estimates are subject to change and given as indications only.


As many of our perfumes have an alcohol base, according to IATA international shipping guidelines it means they are considered a ‘dangerous good’. We know it seems funny to think that your favourite perfume is a ‘dangerous good’! This means we have to work with shipping and freight companies that specialise in working with ‘dangerous goods’.  One of the restrictions for this type of product is they can’t travel by air, and so need to go via road, rail or sea. This means they can take longer than other products to make their way to their destination. We appreciate your understanding and patience. As always, we provide you with all the tracking information that we have, so you can follow its progress.

Our packaging for the boxes is made from recycled cardboard and is recyclable.

Our filling inside the boxes is made from recycled paper, unbleached and is recyclable.

Our shipping Hero bags are fully compostable. 

Within our office we ensure we recycle everything we can.

We work with brands to encourage the use of glass, recycled plastics and recyclable containers for their travel samples that you receive. We encourage you to re-use all of them for your own purposes too; they are great for arts and crafts, travel and many other uses.

By providing all the information about our featured products online we’re reducing the paper products used in our boxes.