Natural Perfume Scent Experiences

Perfume is a multi-sensory experience. When exploring fragrance in the search for those scents that resonate with you, it's beyond how it looks, how it smells and how it feels. Of course these are all important factors in choosing your fragrance, but the bigger question to ask is... how does it move me?

At Sensoriam we have created ways that you can experience the world of natural perfumery in a deeper way, regardless of where you are living in this wondrous world of ours – from online consults & scent experiences, to group make your own natural perfume experiences to wedding party events to perfume collaborations.

Explore what feels right for you.


Natural Perfume consult

Need help in determining which natural perfume is the right perfume for you? Or is there a special occasion that you need to find the perfect natural perfume for?

Book in to spend 30 minutes with natural perfume expert and co-founder of Sensoriam, Jessica Kiely, to help you find your signature natural scents.

The session is FREE, and can be arranged as an online consult or an in-person consult at our Bondi, Australia scent station.



Ever wanted to make your own perfume? 

At Sensoriam we create intimate natural perfume experiences for 8-12 people where we take you on a journey of the senses. Following an introduction to natural perfume by Jessica Kiely, we then open up our collection of incredible natural perfumes from around the world. Then you get a chance to work with natural essential oils and premium ingredients to make your own signature-scented natural perfume roll on and bath salt to take home in a stunning jar.

This is an elevated experience that is playful, engaging, and inspiring, that awakens your senses, naturally.

We offer these Natural Perfume Experiences for Individual classes, Kids Birthday Parties, Adult Birthday Parties, Corporate Parties and everything in between.



At Sensoriam we love teaming up with other brands and businesses to create unique sensory experiences for your clients and customers to enjoy.

We can come to your space and run a natural perfume scent event. A chance to hear from natural perfume expert Jessica Kiely, engage in sensory wellness practices and even make your own natural perfumes. We also have a gorgeous mobile Scent Station that we can set up for your guests to explore natural perfumery and wear their chosen scent.  This is perfect for team events, lunch n learns, brand activations and conferences.

Or, of course, we can create a bespoke sensory experience just for you.

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Find your natural scent for your wedding day.

At Sensoriam we are hosting ‘a girl's night’ perfume experience to help you and your bridesmaids choose your signature scent for the wedding. It’s a chance to explore and smell your way through Sensoriam’s curation of the best natural perfumes from around the world, while hearing all about the history of perfume from natural perfume expert Jessica Kiely. All over some yummy nibbles and bubbles.

We also have luxe Hen’s Party experiences where you all bond and connect while making your very own natural perfume creations. We love spoiling the Bride-to-Be & her guests.



Natural perfume with mindful intention.

Come and explore the Melis natural perfume range with Sensoriam’s Jess & Em, and Melis founder Melissa Italiano.

This online live experience will take you on a journey through the natural fragrances from Melis.

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Embark on a sensory journey with Sensoriam's corporate team-building and wellness experiences. We bring the experience directly to you or we can arrange a stunning venue that aligns perfectly with your event.

Led by natural living and natural perfume expert, Jessica Kiely, our sessions blend education, hands-on activities, and relaxation. Participants explore natural perfumery, engage in sensory scan meditations, and delve into holistic wellbeing practices.



Indulge in a super premium and luxurious wellbeing experience at our stunning castle residence by the ocean. Designed by award-winning architects, this tranquil haven offers the perfect setting for complete rejuvenation and self-discovery.

Are you looking for a premium wellbeing experience that is world-class.....

Are you seeking an exclusive wellness experience that offers both deep relaxation and personal transformation? 

Your journey begins with a beautiful yoga session on the rooftop terrace, where you'll be guided through harmonising poses while soaking in breathtaking ocean views. Conclude with a serene meditation to centre your mind and spirit.

Afterward, treat yourself to delicious and nourishing health snacks, juices, and drinks, replenishing your body with goodness.

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