Corporate & Team Building

Luxe Scent & Sensory Experience

Embark on a sensory journey with Sensoriam's corporate team-building and wellness experiences. We bring the experience directly to you or we can arrange a stunning venue that aligns perfectly with your event.

Led by natural living and natural perfume expert, Jessica Kiey, our sessions blend education, hands-on activities, and relaxation. Participants explore natural perfumery, engage in sensory scan meditations, and delve into holistic wellbeing practices.

The highlight? Luxury natural perfume making or wellbeing scent and meditation mist classes, where attendees create their own signature scents using all-natural ingredients. Perfect for lunch and learn sessions, wellness retreats, professional development events, or conferences. Our experiences accommodate small groups of 5 to large gatherings of 100.

We delve into the areas of sensory wellness, sensory intelligence and naturally charged living for greater levels of health, vitality and spiritual connection.

What’s Included

  • 2-3 Hour Session: Engaging experiences tailored for small groups of 5 to large gatherings of 100.
  • Natural Perfume Making Workbook: Step-by-step guide to crafting your signature scent.
  • Experienced Presenter: Dynamic sessions led by natural living expert Jessica Kiely.
  • Sensoriam Scent Station: Explore a range of natural perfumes for inspiration.
  • Perfume Making Supplies: Wide variety of pure 100% Natural Essential Oils for all different scent tatests & preferences, mixing beakers, bowls, and more provided.
  • Perfume Pouch: Take home your creations in style with a Sensoriam Perfume Pouch.
  • Signature-Scented Perfume Roll Bottle: Your own luxury perfume to cherish.
  • Unique Bath Salt Creation: Craft your personalised bath soak in a stunning luxe jar.
  • Assistants Available: Additional support provided based on group size.
  • Optional Drinks & Nibbles: Luxe refreshments to complement your experience.
  • Restaurant Partnership: Upgrade to include a curated lunch or dinner at a partnered restaurant.

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Meet Your Presenter

Meet Jessica Kiely, the Founder & Resident Natural Perfume Expert at Sensoriam. With over two decades of experience as an entrepreneur, facilitator, and speaker, Jessica is committed to curating unforgettable sensory experiences. Her dynamic presentations inspire curiosity and explore the transformative power of sensory well-being and natural perfumery.

Sensoriam, under Jessica's guidance, was honoured with the prestigious 2023 Beauty Boss award for Beauty Store of the Year and recognized as a finalist in the 2023 Naturally Good Best New Brand Award. Jessica's extensive studies in sensory intelligence, natural perfumery, natural living, and aromatherapy inform her innovative approach to crafting immersive sensory journeys.

Here at Sensoriam we are passionate about showcasing premium 100% natural perfume brands from around the world, with a deep commitment to health of self and planet.

We are on a mission to make it easy, fun and highly desirable to use luxury 100% natural perfumes; supporting people in their journey to go natural. We are the Mecca of Natural Perfumery.

What Others Say About This Experience

"Today I was a guest at one of Sensoriam’s scent experiences. It was so much more than making your own perfume. For me, alchemising my own perfume and bath salts was an enjoyable and beautifully personal journey of self discovery and tapping into my own intuition. Jess’ mastery and teaching meant the end result was incredibly rewarding. She creates a fun, inspiring and playful space to fully immerse yourself into the wonder and alchemy of creating your own unique scent. Jess is clearly a master of all things natural perfume and an excellent host. I highly recommend Sensoriam." Jayne Halikiotis

“Creating our own natural roll-on perfumes at Sensoriam was an unforgettable experience. From selecting our favourite scents to blending them into personalised fragrances, it was pure magic.” Lyndle Bryan

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