One Seed Natural Perfume Discovery Kit
One Seed Natural Perfume Discovery Kit
One Seed Natural Perfume Discovery Kit
One Seed Natural Perfume Discovery Kit

Organic Perfume Discovery Set – Best Sellers

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EXPLORE. DECIDE. GO FULL SIZE. Your miniset includes a gift card for $20 off a full size perfume.

Spray perfumes (2ml) of the seven best selling scents are included from the One Seed Discovery Set.

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The seven best-selling One Seed scents in a beautiful gift box with a generous 2ml sample in each atomiser - around twenty-five applications each.

  • Seeker: green gourmand
  • Freedom: soft green floral
  • Field: clean powdery green
  • Bohemia: amber gourmand
  • Dreamer: floral and summer fruits
  • Solitude: blonde woods
  • Rain: aquatic earthy floral

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The Sensoriam Curation

Sensoriam is a luxury perfumery with a single ethos: natural perfumes, beautifully selected.

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Your senses are a gateway

Scent is a direct path to the soul. When you immerse yourself in scent, you open a connection to an awakened state and heightened consciousness. You have immediate access to pleasure through smell.

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Natural Ingredients

Sensoriam is as natural as you. We believe the future of fragrance is a return to purity. Rejecting unnatural ingredients, processes and mindsets. To a place where beauty is once again in balance with nature.

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Vibrational Energy

Everything in life is vibration.’ Albert Einstein.

When vibrating at a higher frequency we feel lighter, happier and more connected. Consciously choosing ethically made products with pure ingredients helps raise our vibration and sense of wellbeing.

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