Why natural perfume matters to me...


My journey to natural living started many years ago. At age 29 I literally woke up one day in excruciating stomach and bladder pain. I’d had a urinary tract infection before, it felt similar so I went to the doctor expecting them to give me a dose of antibiotics and I would be right as rain in a few days.


15 years later I finally had all the pieces of the puzzle to get well.

My journey was hard, heartbreaking at times, but most importantly it was a gift.

I went from doctor to naturopath to doctor to naturopath.

Eventually I took control of my own health. I stopped seeking expert opinions and started to research intently. I took sovereignty over my body.

There are so many things I did to get well, and I am happy to chat to anyone about what my own healing involved. I am not a doctor, I don’t have any qualifications. So I can’t give any advice but what I can do is share my own journey on how I managed to overcome debilitating chronic illness. It may or may not resonate with you.


There are a lot of nuances to healing and every body is different, with its own needs to get back into homeostasis. If you create the right environment for your body, it does the healing itself. The human body is pretty damn remarkable.

My journey to healing by going natural

What it came down to for me, was that my body was overburdened with toxins - chemicals, pharmaceuticals and heavy metals. Some I had acquired over my first 29 years, some of it was passed down to me at conception. These toxins were preventing my body from functioning properly. My liver was overburdened. When I finally came to the realisation that this was the fundamental problem, it was like I’d been hit by a thunder bolt. Finally knowing instinctively what the core of the problem was, was so empowering. I could begin to take the steps to heal permanently. No more band-aids. This time I was getting to the very essence of the problem.

I embarked on a 2 year process of removing these toxins from my body, mostly through certain supplements and a very specific food protocol. Did you know that cilantro is one of the most effective heavy metal eliminators out there? It binds to heavy metals, even pulls them out of your brain.

I found all the answers within nature. I went back to ancient healing techniques. I used food as my medicine. And of course I eliminated all toxic and synthetic chemical laden products from my life – including toxic perfumes.  


But it wasn’t just about working on my physical body. I was lucky enough to meet some incredible people on my 15 year journey. People who are masters at healing through energetics and the metaphysical. We are all matter vibrating at certain frequencies. When our vibration is low, we get sick. I have a few powerful people in my orbit who taught me how to work on raising my own vibration. I have daily rituals and practices that I do, to keep my vibration high. And when I fall off the bandwagon, I have these people in my life to give a gentle (or not so gentle) reminder about making this work the number one thing. It’s not just about getting well, it’s about staying well and thriving. Over the next few months I will share with you some of my daily practices. 


I have no idea why this happened. Maybe it’s about cutting corners, maybe it’s about saving dollars, but across all industries about 80 years ago natural fibres, materials and ingredients began to be substituted for chemical and synthetic versions. It was called modernist smarts. 

The problem is that the human body is not designed to handle all these chemicals. Our livers work hard everyday to keep us safe from foreign materials. But at some point they are so overloaded that they can’t keep up working the way they are designed to. That’s when illness creeps in. Our modern lifestyle, with all its convenience does come at a cost.


I am not someone who is going to stand on the top of the mountain screaming about going green with my perfume choices. I am someone who chooses natural products because yes they are better for my health, but just as importantly because I absolutely believe when a high quality perfumer crafts with natural ingredients the outcome is extraordinary. There is no cutting corners to create a desired outcome. No use of a quick filler here or a hard to find synthetic alternative there. No easy way out. The makers have to use all their skills as a creative person to create brilliance. 

Aurasoma natural perfume

Aura-Soma natural perfume.

So I choose incredible health, I choose a life of abundance and vitality and I choose natural. Please reach out to me if you want to chat. I love hearing from others on a similar journey.

To awakening your senses.

Em Scott xx

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