Is it time to get together with friends over a glass of bubbles and some beautiful natural perfumes? 

At Sensoriam we create intimate perfume experiences for 8-12 people where we take you and your friends on a journey of the senses. Following an introduction to natural perfume by Jessica Kiely or Emma Scott, we then open up our collection of incredible natural perfumes from around the world. A chance to explore brands, styles of perfumes, and perfumes with particular ingredients that you love. A chance to escape the everyday for a few hours and tap into your senses.

We encourage you and your guests to bring along your favourite commercial fragrance so that Jessica & Emma can help you find the best switch out natural perfume match.  

Every guest that attends receives a gift from Sensoriam.

If you live in Sydney metro we can organise a natural perfume intimate scent experience at your place, or you can come to our Bondi Scent Station. 

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If you don’t live in Sydney, you can still experience our powerful scent experiences. We offer a natural perfume scent experience on Zoom. Prior to the session, we post out to each guest a beautiful box with a range of perfume samples. Together during the online experience, we open the box and lead you on a scent journey of discovery.  

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