The World of Natural Perfumes in Australia

Here in Australia we have a vibrant and passionate industry of natural perfumers. And natural perfumes in Australia are leaders in quality, ethics and sustainability.

That is why we stock so many natural perfume brands from here in Australia. 

Right here, natural perfume brands are based in Australia and are sourcing ingredients locally and they are growing and matching it with global brands.

We know that perfume lovers out there are searching for “natural perfumes Australia” to find and support locally made, and to discover wonderful brands to enjoy that are healthy for self and planet. We know this, because we get asked about it every day!

Are there Australian natural perfume brands?

What are Australian natural perfume brands like?

Who are the natural perfume brands in Australia?

Here at Natural Perfume Collective, we are the online home for natural perfumes, and we have selected the most high quality Australian brands to include in our Collective….because they are just so damn good!

My first natural perfume brand that I found when I was switching out all of my products for natural alternatives was IME, an incredible Aussie brand. And I fell in love with the scent Naughty straight away! It is still my go-to for date nights!

Then as I searched and discovered more and more incredible Australian natural perfume brands, my passion and love for this industry grew even more. The founders behind these brands are so knowledgeable and passionate about creating and inventing the very best natural fragrances. And they are deeply committed to using as many locally sourced ingredients as possible, and ensuring packaging is as sustainable as possible. 


So, YES there are Australian natural perfume brands!

The Australian natural perfume brands are high quality, beautiful and sensual.

And who are they? Well, here is the list of Australian natural perfume brands that we love and stock:


IME and Meet Tonia Walker, Owner and Founder of IME Natural Perfumes

One Seed

Estelle’s Haven

Serene Body Health and Meet Nina Hargrave, Founder of Serene Body Health

Hanako Therapies

Amacyn and Meet Ferlyn, Perfume Artist and Director of Amacyn Natural Perfume

Kis My Body


What other Australian natural perfume brands do you know of that we should stock?


We look forward to helping you to discover the world of natural perfumes from Australia. We know you will fall in love with them too!

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