NATURALLY CHARGED - How To Unlock New Levels of Health, Vitality & Spiritual Connection

Recently I was asked to present a live online seminar about Low Tox Living for a wonderful group of Project Managers. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity to share with them my passion, experience and wisdom of natural living and getting rid of toxins in your life, and hopefully ignite their curiosity in learning more on their health and high performance journey. 

What I have come to realise is that “Low Tox Living” is so much more than just switching products. What started as a journey into toxic products has led to a deep passion and awareness of NATURALLY CHARGED living that for me, has unlocked a lived experience that is more enlivened, elevated and easeful…..and so much more pleasurable!

When I am all CHARGED UP naturally, I feel inspired, in flow and FULL. Yes, it is just like an Energizer Bunny and it is infectious and contagious for all of the right reasons! No drugs. No pills. And when I can feel my charge is low, I have my go-to natural power sources to recharge.

As always, I share this as an invitation to explore and discover how you can NATURALLY CHARGE your health….not as something you have to do, but as a possible way for you to access more PLEASURE in life. How does that sound?


Did you know that you have a NATURAL CHARGE? Your natural charge is both a measurement of energy used, an amount of energy stored and available and a field of energy emanating from you.

Much in our busy modern lives directly impacts on this NATURAL CHARGE, positively and negatively.

Do you own a cell phone? A mobile phone? Of course you do!

I’m sure it is within reach right now, right?!

Interestingly it is a CELL phone. CELL. CELLS.

Hmmm….you are made up of CELLS too.

You are a CELL PHONE of sorts.

You pick up incoming messages. You send messages. Your body is a symphony of messages all of the time, and is in constant communication with its environment on the outside. You even have a ‘range’ and ‘signal’ coming from you. 

When your phone is on 1% charge….how do you feel? Desperate? Concerned?

What lengths will you go to to find electricity or power to CHARGE up that phone? Especially when you need it to…. 

  • Perform your job or even search for a job.

  • Be connected to friends and family.

  • To catch up on your favourite entertainment.

  • To get directions.

  • To pay for your goods at the store.

  • Or even to log in to that online live baby shower for a dear friend when you are out on your Saturday afternoon walk!

How is your own CHARGE today? 

Are you running on 1% charge? Or fully charged? What percentage do you feel you are at right now? 


Our charge - our energy, our vitality, our pleasure of life, can be zapped, depleted, drained, hijacked, influenced and interrupted by MANY things in our modern and online-focused world.

And it can happen without us even realising it. Without us even giving permission. 

For you….that you know of right now….what are the things that drain your energy, zap you, deplete you, pull your natural charge lower?

There are obvious ones like…..

  • Workload

  • Stress

  • Annoying people

  • Expectations

  • Long meetings

  • Sickness

  • Bad food

  • Commuting

  • Children

  • Partners

  • Being on Zoom all day long for work

As we can see, many things in our environment can drain us of our natural CHARGE. Right? So that by the end of the day we are reaching for coffee or wine and falling into bed exhausted, but often still not able to go to sleep. 

Additionally, I have also come to realise and learn that there are less obvious things that are hijacking your NATURAL CHARGE, and therefore affecting your performance, health and enjoyment of life and you may not even realise it.

  • Environmental toxins in our air, water and food

  • Household toxins from cleaning products, mould and allergens

  • Beauty and personal care products with suspect ingredients

  • Toxic people and relationships

  • Toxic work environments with fluorescent lighting, air fresheners, and harmful nnEMFs (non native electromagnetic frequencies)

  • Toxic news

  • Toxic social media

  • Constant alerts and notifications popping up

  • And I could go on!!!!

Very often, these are the missing pieces in the health puzzle that people are trying to solve. And so often, health practitioners are never asking about these elements.

Did you know that the word “health” comes from the latin word that means WHOLE?

Therefore ‘health’ is not just about our physical health. 

Our physical body is only one part of the whole, when it comes to health. And only one element when it comes to our NATURAL CHARGE.

Our Mind health, or mental health.

Our Spiritual health, health of our spirit.

And our heart health, physical and metaphysical.

These are all part of our INNER environment. And they all have a part to play with our NATURAL CHARGE, and feeling NATURALLY CHARGED. 

You can have a ‘healthy’ body but be suffering from mental health challenges, and that is going to drain your NATURAL CHARGE. You may have a ‘healthy’ body but feel no sense of purpose to life, so your spiritual health is drained and you can feel like you are going through life on low charge.

What can drain our mind, our spirit and our heart?

  • Conflict

  • Inner turmoil

  • Trauma

  • Running on autopilot

  • Loss and grief

  • Unfulfilling work

  • Disconnection from nature

  • Heartbreak 

  • Recurring patterns and results in our lives

  • Ruminating thoughts of doubt, fears, guilt, shame

  • Disconnection from our body intelligence

  • Perfectionism

  • Comparisonitis

Clearly this inner environment impacts our NATURAL CHARGE.

When we are impacted by those elements do we feel HEALTH-FULL? Is life filled with PLEASURE? 

When you are FULLY CHARGED how do you feel? Is life more pleasurable? Isn’t life supposed to be pleasurable?!

For me when I am naturally charged I feel….

In flow






….and I am more able to tackle the inevitable challenges in life. I am also more aware of my own charge, its affect on me and others and how to naturally re-charge when needed. 

It is our INNER and our OUTER environments that dance together in this NATURALLY CHARGED puzzle. However, so often “health” is only viewed from a very narrow physical standpoint. When actually there are SEEN and UNSEEN elements, all playing a part.


Now, I haven't always known this! And I am not a doctor or a natural practitioner. It has taken quite a life journey to learn this and become aware of my NATURAL CHARGE. 

What started this journey for me was when I learnt that…..We are a genetic engineer and neurosurgeon…..every single day!


Big call, I know.

I didn't believe it when I first learnt about it either.

Let me explain…

Just over 7 years ago now….I had what looked like the picture perfect life from the outside.

Husband doing well.

A four year old daughter.

A nine month old baby girl.

A home in Bondi.

However, the reality was very different.

My sense of self was at an all time low, and therefore my charge was at an all time low.

There were serious challenges in my marriage that were escalating and getting worse. And I blamed myself.

Despite any personal and professional ‘success’ that I had had in life, I was convinced that none of it mattered, that I had failed, that I was a failure, that I was the reason why my marriage was failing and ….to be honest…..that I was worthless.

I had started to turn myself inside out, to be what I thought was the woman my husband wanted so that he would stay.

My ‘health’ and my ‘charge’, in hindsight, were virtually at 1% and even had started to move into the negatives.

I would still get up and care for my children, and look like a model mother; and I was. But inside, I was screaming. 

My health was very low. My hair was brittle and thinning, my fingernails broke all of the time, I wasn't eating well, I was underweight, I had trouble having enough breastmilk to feed my baby, I was exhausted all the time and I had calcification of the bone on my left hand. 

Then one evening I heard the words - “I’m out.”

And my husband left.

No one in my life knew what was really going on. I had isolated myself. 

I clearly remember one evening in the shower….crying….because that is where I cried so the children would not hear me.

The same thoughts repeating over and over and over in my mind; if I just do this he will come back, if I just say this he will want this family back together, what did he mean when he said this, how could he leave this family unit with the kids so young, what does she have that I don’t…....over and over and over and over. It was mental madness.

And that evening…..I fell to my knees…..and internally yelled STOP. I said to myself, something needs to change because I can't keep going like this.

I made a decision to work out how I had got to this point, who I was being to end up here, and how to stop the mental madness….for myself, for my future and for my kids.

Perhaps you have had one of these moments in your life where you have made a decision. A very strong decision. A decision to find a better way of living. A decision to put yourself first. 

I sought help.

One counselor suggested a book; The Brain That Changes Itself.

And this was my first TURNING POINT.


This is where I learnt about NEUROPLASTICITY and how we are neurosurgeons every day.

Our brain is wiring and re-wiring every day.

We wired our own brains with our thoughts, feelings and actions every day of our lives.

Our brain continues to evolve and change until the day we die. It is not STATIC and UNCHANGING. It is dynamic and under our control. 

In the book I remember reading about incredible people who were blind, who had taught themselves to see again with special electrodes on their tongue. They rewired the “sight” part of their brain, to get information from their tongue senses to then be able to “see”.

The lightbulb for me was when I realised…..

I WIRED MYSELF A CERTAIN WAY. I had made certain connections about myself and life and reinforced them over time….so that they had become my default and go-tos… “beliefs”. 

My belief that I was a failure - I had created that. 

My belief that I was not enough - I had created that. 

And those thoughts had permeated every part of my life…..and influenced how I was showing up, who I was being, how I was reacting, how I was experiencing life, my energy and charge for life, and ultimately….showing up in my BODY.

If I wired myself a certain way, THEREFORE I CAN RE-WIRE MYSELF A CERTAIN WAY.

Who I was and had been, was not who I had to be forever and ever….it was under my control. 

And all of this is UNSEEN. 


These days we are all becoming more aware of the impact of our thoughts on every part of our lives, including our HEALTH and our NATURAL CHARGE.


My other TIPPING point in my recovery and elevation journey was when I learnt about EPIGENETICS and how I am a genetic engineer every day, and not the victim of my genes or hereditary. 

My journey led me to read The Biology of Belief by Dr Bruce Lipton.

Dr Lipton explains that our genes/DNA is influenced 95% of the time by the environment that those genes are in. 

That is what “epi” means - it means above. Those elements that sit above the gene.

He also proved that DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts.

Lipton shows how our bodies can change as we change our thoughts, our inner and outer environments. We have the power to alter our health and well-being for the better and be the engineers of our DNA!

And all of this is UNSEEN. 

WOW right!

So my environment (inner and outer) is going to influence whether a gene is expressed or not, or is switched on or not. So what environment am I bathing my body and all of its genes in every day?


During this time I was introduced to a lovely woman who made her own body scrubs. When I asked her why she made her own, and what ingredients she used, she told me about all of the wonderful organic ingredients she used, and where she got it all from. It was beautiful and delicious and a whole new world for me.

She got me questioning everything, because I thought organic was only for food, not products for our body.

And so began a deep dive into consumer products and ingredients, and what I found shocked me.

Without me realising it, I had been using products that were packed with synthetic ingredients that have now been scientifically linked to all sorts of health concerns in humans and animal life. And those very ingredients were in the bubble bath that my kids bathed in every single night. Arrggghhh.

This was when I REALLY started to take conscious control of my inner and outer environment. And to live my life by my design, not by default.


Obviously by doing all of these things I was experiencing significant changes in my life.

New energy levels.

New clarity of thought.

New connection with my inner world.

New enjoyment of life.

New abilities to deal with the big challenges in my life.

New awareness of my every day decisions.

Better memory and work performance.

And of course, physical signs of renewed health like strong hair and nails, additional weight, and the calcification in my hand disappeared. 

What I also found was that I was more in-spirit and in-spired, especially as I was connecting more deeply to myself and nature. It came as no surprise to me to learn that the environmental toxins around us can directly impact on our spiritual connection with our pineal gland, the seat of our connection to a higher source, becoming calcified by fluoride in our water and products. This, along with my experience of better memory and clearer thinking drove me to go even deeper into my spirituality with meditation and teachings that added a whole new level of NATURAL CHARGE for life, for my body and for the planet. 

It is an ongoing journey of course. There are ever more layers and levels to evolve to. It is a new way of being, and a re-designed outlook on “Health” that I have now. Add to that my regular access to nature's powerful medicine to recharge, life continues to elevate, enliven and become more easeful.



I get reminded so often why I have chosen NATURALLY CHARGED living, and why I wish to share the invitation of discovery to more. 

Things like….

When a colleague sends a message through, that she is needing to rest because she has a migraine, and I point out to her that it has come on after spending just one day back in the office (after Covid restrictions were lifted) under the fluorescent lights. And she says… “Oh yea, good point, I never thought of that.”

Or when I visit a friend who I have not seen for a while and she shares how her daughter has been continually unwell for a long time and yet doctors can't seem to work out why. And I ask the question… “Have you contacted the golf course that is right next to you and asked them what they spray their grounds with, that will be floating across to you every day, it could be glyphosate?”.....and she says “No, I never thought of that.”

Or when my babysitter comes with a runny nose and allergies every time and I ask her “Does anyone else in your family have the constant runny nose?” to which she replies, “Yes, my brother.” And so I ask “Do you both sleep on the same side of the house and it is different to the others?”....again she replies “Yes, why?” To which I say, “I think you need to get your home and your side of the house checked for mould.” And then a month later I got a text that confirmed it all. Her mum got the home checked for mould, and it was rife on her side of the house where she slept every night. They have since moved and she is better. 

Or when I go to do a home toxin audit with a family who has a child with chronic asthma and who has had multiple emergency hospital visits, and the very first product that I see as I enter the home is a fragranced aerosol spray for shoes, and there were multiple cans of it. As I went further in their home, all of the products were full of potential respiratory allergens and they had no idea of their impact. Additionally there was visible mould in multiple rooms and not one of their doctors had asked about product use or home toxin awareness.



If like me, you start to question and ask, ‘well if all of those things can drain and hijack my natural charge, and lead to life feeling heavy and hard, how do I charge up, naturally?’ How do I recharge, naturally? 

What are the power sources available to me that will truly CHARGE my mind, body, spirit and heart, naturally? 

For me I did a massive detox of my thoughts and beliefs, as well as cleaning out my home of toxic products. This unlocked new levels of health, vitality and pleasure in life, during the toughest of times of a divorce and becoming a single mum to two very young children. And in the journey of learning about toxins in our everyday products and finding natural alternatives, what grew for me was my awareness of the incredible power sources that are at our fingertips in nature, and that are FREE to us every single day. 

So HEALTH, your natural charge, your pleasure in your life is… the hands of your everyday thoughts, decisions and actions….seen and unseen. 

Not hereditary and genetics.

Not pills and scripts. 

And HEALTH is deeply connected to NATURE, your nature and nature around you.

I invite you to live NATURALLY CHARGED. How?

CURIOSITY: Become the David Attenbourough of your Life

  • Become curious about your inner and outer environments. Where is your natural charge being hijacked, drained, zapped or depleted?

  • Investigate with awe and wonder, rather than criticism and fear. It is a beautiful journey to learn more about yourself, your body, the world around you and seize back control with your health and vitality.

  • Notice when you feel really charged, and when that charge lowers or is affected.

DITCH & SWITCH: Eject Serious Toxins

  • Become educated on the serious synthetic toxins in your environment. You can learn more about them here.

  • Turn your products around and start having a look at the ingredients list and investigate them a little more.

  • There are always alternatives for your everyday product decisions. Reach out if you need ideas or want to know what I use.

  • There are incredible ALLIES to have alongside you on this journey

    • Alexx Stuart of Low Tox Living is where I started.

    • Dr Tabitha McIntosh and her book One Bite at a Time is powerful.

    • Search for your local health and beauty therapists that only use natural products, your local health food store that has strong ethics and product-standards, and your alternative health practitioners like naturopaths, nutritionists, acupuncturists and more that use natural medicine to support your journey. I am happy to share my Allies that I use.

  • There are great APPS that you can use that will help you on your consumer journey.

PLUG IN: To Natural Power Sources Daily

  • I could literally write a whole book on these!! Maybe one day I will! Nature and nature’s medicine is so potent, it HAS to be a part of your daily routine.

  • You will start to feel and notice the natural charge in the trees around you, the charge in a storm, the charge in an ocean wave, the charge in a raindrop, the charge of food that is fresh and alive. These power sources are there every day, and we are so connected to them.

  • Guess what? So many of these power sources are FREE! Plug in. Power up. Get NATURALLY CHARGED.


The Sun & Sunrise

Water & Ocean

Grass, Sand, and Earth for grounding

Trees and Forests 

Food that is alive and fresh

Noticing nature; birds, animals, clouds, the moon


SAVOUR: Savour Your Body's Own Power Sources

  • Your breath. It's free. It is potent. Most of us don't breathe properly and yet it affects all parts of our body, and can unlock energy. It connects our gut, heart and mind intelligence. And your lungs represent your capacity for life! Ensuring a clean and clear environment will ensure what you are breathing in is clean and clear for your body.

  • Rest & Stillness. Yes, in stillness there is power. In going slow, there is power. In stopping, there is power. And yes, it is free too! Rest and stillness is actually a power source. Seems contradictory, but it is how a whole system in your body is initiated. Rest & repair with the parasympathetic nervous system is vital, nourishing and so yummy! So stop the rush, do less, schedule in stillness and nothingness. Yes, no-thing-ness!

  • Movement. Our Bodies are made to move, not sit and be stationary all day. Compare your natural charge after sitting all day, compared to after you have done a walk or a run. Move in a way that is pleasurable to you. 

  • Sleep. This is your body's rest and repair mode. So much vital work is being done while you sleep, deeply. Detoxing will help you sleep better, but you also want to ensure a ‘clean’ sleep environment and routine so you can access this potent power source and feel super-charged, naturally!

  • Visualisation & Meditation. These are two power sources that you can use daily and they are FREE! From my experience they have powered my SPIRIT CHARGE, and assisted in my connection to my intuition intelligence and power source.


TUNE IN: Listen to Your Instrument

  • Develop a relationship with yourself and your body, David Attenborough style! Become aware of your charge and what impacts on it from your inner and outer environments.

  • The natural intelligence of your body is insane. Reconnect to that, don’t abdicate that all of the time to others.

  • Notice the messages from your instrument, especially as it reflects any changes in your environment: fatigue and constant tiredness, itches, cough, reactions, tingles, upset tummy, tense muscles, blurred vision, migraines and headaches.

  • Reconnect with your powerful senses. When you detox your products you will be able to smell a fake straight away! And very soon your sensitivities become your superpowers, and you will begin to avoid the things that you know drain your charge, this includes people!

  • Remember, your body is always pushing towards balance or homeostasis, so a disease (or dis-ease) or illness is a messenger. It is not your body failing or giving up. Do you listen or ignore the message?

  • Listen in to the whispers of the soul. So often when we clean up our internal and external worlds the fog lifts, we clear the lines to our spirit and we are able to hear the whispers of our soul with more clarity and volume.


Just Start With 1!

  • All I did was start with just 1 thing; one thought changed, one new product, one page read, one research paper investigated, one journal written, one tear shed, one decision, one sunrise, one ocean swim…..just ONE each time. That is all there is. Just 1. 

  • NATURALLY CHARGED living for me has been a journey, one step at a time, and still is. And what keeps me going is how damn great I feel! And how much more of life's challenges I take on with ease and elevation. And how I welcome my tears and challenges. And how abundant nature is for me and in me.

  • A castle is only built one brick at a time. 

Natural Perfume Collective is here because of this journey I have taken, and continue to take. It is my way of assisting more people to live NATURALLY CHARGED and to find incredible alternatives with their product choices, like perfume, naturally. 

And as I sit outside in the sun, soaking up her wonderful warmth and power charge, finishing this article I truly hope that in sharing my experience and knowledge, that it may inspire and empower others to question more and uncover NATURALLY CHARGED living as a way to unlock new levels of health, vitality and spiritual connection for themselves.

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