How To Buy Natural Perfume Online

Often we get asked, how do I choose a perfume online when I can’t smell it?!

Of course you don’t get the experience of standing at a perfume counter and smelling a range of fragrances to then choose the one that you like. However, for many who have become allergic to perfume or who wish to avoid toxic synthetic fragrances, this is actually not what they want to do anyway! And currently, natural perfumes have not made it to those perfume counters. (Well not yet, we are working on it!)

It is possible to buy perfume online, and to buy natural perfume online easily and enJOY the full experience of perfume again, without all of the nasty side effects on you or the planet. 

Here are easy steps to follow to buy natural perfume online:

  • Note what smells you DO like. Think about the flowers you like, the natural smells in nature that you are attracted to and enjoy and even perhaps smells that remind you of wonderful moments in your life. This will give you an idea of scent profiles that you like.

  • If you have had a favourite perfume in the past, research what scent notes are in that particular perfume. Even though many of those perfumes and fragrance notes will be synthetic, it will give you an idea of the smells you are attracted to.

  • Start with this list of “scents I like” and look for those in a natural perfume. You will see we have categorised our natural perfumes by scent profile ie: Floral, citrus, oriental and so on. But you can also search by ingredient too. So if you really like lavender, then search for that and all of the natural perfumes with lavender in them will appear. Cool, hey!

Another great option is MINI’S. Yep, so many of the wonderful natural perfume brands have a range of Mini’s. These are sample size versions of their scents for you to trial. These are a great way to buy natural perfume online. 

The mini’s, or Discovery Sets are beautifully packaged and you get a lot of uses from each mini sample so you can truly discover which are your favourites. These sets are the way I like to experience the range of the brand, and I slowly fall in love with all of them!!!!

You can find all of our Mini’s and Discovery Sets from our brands right here

These mini sets are also perfect to have in your handbag so you can reapply during the day or change your scent for the evening very easily!

And they are great gifts to give as well. If you have a friend or family member who LOVES perfume, but who wants to go natural with their fragrance choice, then the mini sets are a perfect gift for them.

If you happen to be in Sydney you can also visit us in Bondi where we have our Scent Station set up with testers, and you can come and smell and choose!

You can contact us to make a time as it is by appointment only. 

It is possible to buy perfume online and natural perfume online and find one you love. We look forward to helping you find your REAL signature scent.

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