How To Choose A Natural Perfume For Mum

“Little souls find their way to you whether they’re from your womb or someone else’s.”
– Sheryl Crow

With Mothers Day just around the corner, we wanted to help you to choose a natural perfume to give to your mum, mother-in-law, grandmother, mother-figure, step-mum, or even your two mums to say a big THANK YOU for all they do in your world. 

We know that choosing perfume for someone else can be tricky! We want to help you to make a BIG and wonderful Mothers Day moment.

“Being a mom has made me so tired. And so happy.”
– Tina Fey

Here are our super-sleuth steps to ensure maximum success! Easy, quick and fun! 


What smells do they love? For instance is it citrus (oranges and lemons), floral (flowers), woody (earth and rain) or even more spicy (incense and exotic aromas)? 

If you know, then head to our website and hover over Women in the top menu, you will see a drop down menu where we have categorised our perfumes i.e. Sweet, Citrus, Floral, Woody, Oriental. Under each, we have described in more detail what these scents are. 

And for all the men out there who are mums as well… check out our Men’s range here

If you don’t know what smells they love…’s time to find out!

  • Smell their current perfumes and essential oils they like to use.

  • What scent is their deodorant, shampoo and other personal care items? Is there a common scent to them that they love? Fresh, rose or vanilla perhaps.

  • Casually ask them….and remember what they say!

  • Ask friends and family that they are close to.


Find out the name and brand of the current perfume they wear, or used to wear and loved. Then Google that perfume and find out it’s scent composition. We used Hugo Woman for this example:

Hugo Woman Hugo Boss for women
The opening of apple, cyclamen, melon, papaya, peach and Aglaia Odorata are transparent and succulently fruity. The heart is sweet and warm, composed of jasmine, lily and orris. Base notes sandalwood, amber, vanilla, cedar and resin. 

Then you can head to our website here and type in the search bar one of the notes - for instance Sandalwood or Vanilla. This will list all the perfumes that have Sandalwood or Vanilla as an ingredient. 

We recommend:

Amacyn - I am Passion. This is a spray perfume.

One Seed - Hope. This is a spray perfume.

IME Natural Perfume - melpomene [beautiful]. This is a spray perfume.

Tom Ford Noir for men
The subtle yet distinctive fragrance packs warm notes of Italian Bergamot, Black Pepper and Patchouli, which are balanced with warm Vanilla, Amber and Nutmeg.

A great alternative would be:

One Seed - Slow Fire Organic Cologne

This is what we do when we are asked to match natural perfumes to mainstream perfumes for customers who need assistance. You can email us and ask for our help with this too! 


We have both spray perfume and roll ons. Rolls ons are usually preferred by people who like to use a lot of essential oils! Rolls ons are also great to have in your bag to be able to re-apply whenever you want.


Maybe they haven’t used a perfume in a while because they have suffered from numerous side effects of the cocktail of toxic ingredients that are in mainstream perfumes. If this is the case, then we would recommend choosing one of the many MINISETS that are on offer. These Discovery Minisets are a great way to try a few different scents and decide which one they prefer. You can then ask them to choose their favourite, and purchase that full size from us as a lovely follow up Valentines gift. 


If you would like them to choose for themselves then a gift voucher is a great gift. There are different dollar amounts you can choose, and it will generate a Gift Voucher Code that you send to your mum for her to use on our site whenever suits. 


You could just ask them to check out our website by sending them this link -

We have created a quiz to find their REAL Signature Scent - our customers love this feature! They choose, you purchase and we wrap it up and get it to you pronto!

We have a choice of spray perfumes, perfume oils or attars. 
The One Seed range has a spray perfume that can be spritzed in the morning with a matching roll-on for their handbag, to reapply during the day. 
Spray Perfumes - Amacyn , IME
Perfume oils - SereneMelis and attars,  Walden
And for our men’s and unisex range to search all our men’s scents

Wishing you a wonderful and loving Mothers Day

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