Is My Partner Allergic To My Perfume or Cologne?

Many people experience an allergic reaction when they come in contact with perfume, particularly synthetic perfume and cologne. As much as you love perfume, and use it without any adverse effects, it may be a different experience for others around you, including your partner.

We have found that often people don’t even realise it is the perfume, scents, colognes and air fresheners around them are causing these reactions. We can often just think it is pollen, or something in the air, or our morning sneezes!

Does your partner have any of these reactions when you put on your perfume or cologne?

  • Sneezing

  • Itchy eyes and nose

  • Runny nose

  • Watery, red and itchy eyes

  • Coughing or asthma

  • Skin irritation or a rash

  • A headache, that possibly turns into a migraine

  • Breathing difficulties

  • Even dizziness and fatigue

These are all common symptoms of perfume allergy. 

Perfume allergy or perfume sensitivity is a thing for more people than we realise.

Think about not just perfume, but also air fresheners, candles, room mists, body sprays and other scented products. They can all cause a reaction for people with perfume allergy or perfume sensitivity. And they can vary in degree from just a slight sniffle after being exposed to perfume, to a full blown migraine.

This sensitivity can develop overtime. So perhaps your partner never used to react to your perfume or cologne, but now you notice it is really affecting them. It can also come on after a person has experienced a health challenge or crisis, or childbirth.

As you know, most of the perfumes and scents out there today are filled with synthetic fragrances, which are nasty and connected to all sorts of health issues and allergic reactions. Read more about that here . They often also contain stabilizers, solvents and preservatives that can cause allergic reactions. 

Natural Perfumes have none of those ingredients. 

What To Do?

  1. Recognize the symptoms - notice if the symptoms show up just after using synthetic perfume, or around scented products.

  2. Look around your environment (home, work, and other places you visit regularly) and notice what scents you and your partner are being exposed to on a regular basis.

    1. Ask, is it only when you use your perfume? Or is it other times as well, like when the cleaning products are used?

  3. Work out how to minimise your exposure in the environments that you do control:

    1. Switch to natural products

    2. Go “fragrance free” with products

    3. Switch to natural perfumes

  4. Let others know of your sensitivities and allergies and see how you can work together to find solutions that will assist your health


If your partner is allergic to your current perfume or cologne, switching to a natural perfume may really help. We know many people who had to stop using perfume years ago, because of their reactions to the mainstream and synthetic perfumes out there today - and they are so happy and surprised that they don't get the same reaction with natural perfumes. 

You can start with a mini set and test your partners reaction, as well as enjoying the divine natural smells of the natural fragrances.

We look forward to you exploring the world of natural perfume and finding a great scent that both you and your partner love.

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