How To Sample Natural Perfume

Choosing perfume is a personal experience. We know! You want to be able to smell it, feel it, see it and experience how it makes you feel. 

And this is especially true when you are making the switch to natural perfume, and you are not sure what they are like.

Natural perfume samples or ‘Minis’ as we like to call them, are a great way to discover new scents and work out if they suit you or not, before purchasing them full size. 

The “try-me’ sizes that we have for our range of natural perfumes are a simple way to sample and discover new scents, fragrances and perfume oils. They are also great to take travelling with you, or give as a gift to your perfume loving friend!

The perfume samples come in Discovery Sets so you can test the full range from a particular brand. 

Very often our customers end up loving all of the perfumes in a range, and find it difficult to choose just one!

We have a range of Natural Perfume Sample Packs for you to choose from.

IME Mini Set

One Seed Discovery Set - Men and Women

Estelle’s Haven

Melis Sample Set

Serene Discovery Box

enJOY! Let me know your favourites! Can you choose just ONE??!!! Nahhhh - they are all so good, I can’t choose just ONE either!

If you happen to be in Sydney you can also visit us in Bondi where we have our Scent Station set up with testers, and you can come and smell and choose!

You can contact us to make a time as it is by appointment only. 

It is possible to buy perfume online and natural perfume online and find one you love. We look forward to helping you find your REAL signature scent.

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