How Often Should You Wear Perfume?

Sensoriam celebrates the beauty of natural perfume in Australia because it’s safer on the skin than synthetic fragrance. However, organic perfume doesn’t have the same harsh synthetics that make fragrance stick to the skin for hours and hours. That’s why natural perfume tends not to last as long as normal perfume.

Luckily, there are a few ways to make natural perfume last longer, so you can enjoy wearing your favourite scents all day.

Delightful Daily Fragrance

With the safe, soothing scent of natural fragrance, you can reapply as much as you like! With no harmful chemicals absorbing into your skin, you can enjoy a few spritzes a day or constant reapplication all night. Organic perfume may also be applied to hair, clothing, and other items to increase longevity and keep you smelling sweeter, for longer.

Personalised Scent with Natural Aromas

Organic perfume and essential oils take on slight variations depending on the environment and who’s wearing them. Natural perfume fades over time, much like the raw plants it comes from, meaning the hints of florals and citrus are even more intriguing. Just a few sprays of natural perfume on your wrists or behind your ears are enough to smell fresh and feel your best, especially if you reapply 1-4 times a day.

How to Wear Organic Perfume

What’s great about natural perfume oils in Australia, is all the different ways to use them. If you want to wear daily perfume that lasts, it’s best to apply to moisturised skin. This will prevent your skin’s natural oil and perspiration from evaporating the perfume. Also, remember to let the perfume work its magic all on its own. You don’t need to rub, smudge, or pat it, just spray, or roll and wait for it to dry. Before you know it, you’ll smell as fresh as a field of blooming flowers.

Buy Beautiful Natural Perfume in Australia

Natural perfume is a wonderful way to boost your scent and enjoy more confidence while living your best life. Instead of covering your skin in unknown chemicals and mystery allergens, natural fragrance sourced straight from mother nature’s plants keeps you feeling healthy and smelling great. Shop the range of organic perfume oils in Australia from Sensoriam today.

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