5 Reasons You Should Make the Switch to Natural Perfumes

Mass-produced perfumes filled with synthetic chemicals have met their match with modern, organic non toxic perfume derived from raw plant materials. As a leader in beautiful organic perfume in Australia, Sensoriam can help you discover the true beauty of natural perfume that’s safe and gentle on your skin. Check out our list of natural perfume benefits, compared to normal perfumes and the top reasons why you should switch to vegan perfume immediately.

Great for Sensitive Skin

Organic perfume from Australia is the best option for those with sensitive skin. Mass-produced products may have the hypoallergenic label, but there are many loopholes and a lack of standard protocols, meaning there isn’t much oversight into the safety of the ingredients. Instead of harsh chemical compounds that can irritate the skin in synthetic perfume, natural fragrances with botanicals and essential oils don’t have adverse side effects.

Blends with Your Natural Chemistry

Floral perfumes remain some of the most popular, but the natural alternative to the synthetic fragrance is now much preferred on the modern market, because they support the body’s natural chemistry. Organic essential oils are easily absorbed, meaning with every spray on your skin, you’re creating a truly unique fragrance!

Authentic Fragrance

If you smell a synthetic fragrance and a natural perfume at the same time, you’ll see how much more authentic vegan perfumes are. To smell like your favourite flower or citrus fruits, you need non toxic natural perfume that isn’t masked by chemicals.

Family and Environment Safe

Unlike mainstream perfume, natural fragrance doesn’t contain phthalates, which are often tested on animals. Many people prefer natural perfumes because they are made with the environment in mind, so they are non toxic and safe for skin sensitivities.

Gentle on Clothing

One more reason to switch to natural perfume is that it’s not only gentle on your skin, but also on your clothing. Synthetic perfumes may leave marks on cotton and other materials, but that’s not a concern with gentle natural fragrances. These won’t harm delicate clothing or stain your clothes.

Treat Yourself to Non Toxic Perfume From Sensoriam

Embrace vegan perfume and all the naturally beautiful fragrance that comes with it. Soothe your skin and your senses with Sensoriam, and take the online scent quiz to discover your ideal scent range today.

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