5 ways to wear perfume

People have been fascinated with perfume for centuries. Perfume holds power over us because of its ability to make us feel. For some of us it might evoke feelings of love, whilst for others it might be about the energy and the power of scent, about the happiness it brings or the sensuality associated with perfume. Scent evokes memories, a feeling of escapism, but most importantly perfume is so much a part of human culture because it's a powerful form of self expression; perfume choice is tightly wrapped up in our identity.

Now the expression of wearing perfume is not just about your perfume choice, it is also about how you wear it. Wearing perfume well is an art. It's about where on the body you wear your perfume, how you adjust your techniques based on the climate you are in, what you accessorise your perfume with and how you apply it. ⁠

Here’s a few quick handy hints on how to best wear your perfume.

1. Where to dab your perfume

Of course if you are a traditionalist, you can't go past a dab on the pulse points - behind the ears, on the wrist or on the inside of your elbows. ⁠

2. Never rub your perfume in

When you apply your perfume, spray it or dab it but never rub it in. The rubbing will heat up the skin and change the way the scent presents itself.⁠

3. How your clothing interacts with your perfume

Don't cover up where you wear perfume with your clothing. Make sure you work with your outfit when applying your perfume or visa versa, choose your outfit based on where you want to apply your perfume. There is an exception to this rule. If you are living in a very very hot environment and you are likely to sweat a great deal, this will interfere with the fragrance. In this case it's best to apply the perfume to a floating piece of clothing such as a scarf.⁠

4. How dry skin effects your perfume

Perfume doesn't last well on very dry skin. If you do have dry skin, perhaps apply a fragrance-free natural moisturiser on your skin prior to applying your perfume.⁠

5. Getting adventurous with how you wear your perfume

Some more adventurous ways to wear your perfume – on the creases of your knees, your belly button, in your hair, walk through a fragrance cloud before putting on clothes.⁠

There is so much creativity when it comes to wearing perfume. It’s time to give yourself the freedom to explore how you wear your favourite scents.

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