A TRIP TO SINGAPORE – my natural perfume travel choices

After delivering presentations, keynotes and training online for the last 2 years, it is GO time on being back live in the room with people, which I LOVE. This time it is in the beautiful and steamy city of Singapore. 

Travel is a party for the senses. Often overwhelming, but most of the time a wonderful awakening as we adjust to new surroundings, climate and space. 

Singapore is divinely green, there are skyscrapers in every direction, there are pieces of art sculptures to enjoy on every corner, and has the yummiest food - street food stylez. 

What do I pack in my suitcase when it is a work trip? The climate is different and I know I have moments of presenting, meetings, dinners and of course some sightseeing.

I love to pair my outfits with travel size natural perfumes for different occasions. Feels like playtime!

Jessica's favourite travel items

My natural perfume travel choices

Wyalba Wildflower (10ml travel size) - perfect for team time, and afternoons. A stand out that represents Australia for me and always gets comments when I wear it.

One Seed Courage (roll on) - this is vital for me for corporate presentation day. I feel strong and confident, whilst still feminine. I bring the roll on with me in my bag, so I can top up when needed.

Serene Body Health, Ground - this is for travel days. With hours in airports and on planes my body needs grounding and this aromatherapy perfume is perfect for that. And it is a roll on of 10ml so it is easy to take in my carry on bag with no issues. 

Aura-Soma 80 (2ml) - this is for special evenings out whilst travelling. I travel with the 2ml mini version from the Aura-Soma mini set

Feather & Seed Inhale - this is for meditation and breathwork in the morning, along with my own personal morning yoga stretches. Vital for when I travel for work. My INHALE is the scent I use at home for these rituals and so as soon as I smell it, my body knows it is time for an inward journey.

Some of the must-haves in my suitcase

My Rohr Remedy skincare - in particular the Vit E Oil with Boab & Rosehip I just love, and so does my skin. The smell of the rosehip is herbaceous and nurturing.

Eye of Horus mascara - so reliable, and lasts all day.

My Cary Grant Oliver Peoples sunglasses - they go with every outfit, are so durable, and perfect for sunny Singapore days.

Hurraw Lip Balm, Unscented - I have one in my toiletry bag, one in my handbag and one in my carry on luggage. Yep that is 3! It is the ONLY lip balm I use. And it's so good, I barely use lipstick. 

My Viktoria & Woods jacket - perfect for meetings, and evening team meetings.

My Barton Perreira reading glasses - with so much screen time, and work in between presentations, my glasses are a must!

Time to head out to team dinner now where I get to meet wonderful colleagues from Thailand and Singapore. It is a JOY to be back to work and travel. I am deeply appreciative of these moments. Look forward to seeing you out on the road soon!

Prawn satays are a popular street food in Singapore.

A contemporary vertical garden building in Singapore.

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