Finding the Best Natural Fragrance for You

Searching for mini perfume sets but not sure where to start? Thinking about natural fragrance but overwhelmed by your options? Sensoriam can make a difference on your journey to finding the best natural fragrance for you.

The Basics of Natural Fragrance

There’s a growing demand for natural perfume samples Australia-wide, and that’s because natural fragrance outshines synthetic perfumes, which are often high in chemicals. Natural perfumes are made of essential oils, CO2 extracts, concretes, and absolutes derived from raw plant materials, so you know exactly what you’re getting. These natural ingredients are gentle on the skin and clothing, and free of mystery allergens in mass-produced mini perfume bottles.

Sensoriam Scent Categories

As Australia’s leader in all-natural mini perfume and essential oils, Sensoriam strives to captivate the senses, with luxurious fragrances inspired by our beautiful natural world. When you take our perfume scent quiz, you’ll be guided to the best scent category for you. Our options include:

  • Sweet: bubbly, fresh, feminine, and fruity 
  • Citrus: zesty notes of refreshing citrus for purity
  • Woody: mysterious, yet balanced and inspired by nature
  • Spicy: daring and bold, with warmth and sensuality
  • Floral: fresh and light natural romance

While the scent quiz is a great start, you can truly unlock your perfume preferences with a Sensoriam consultation.

Start Your Natural Journey

At the start of your natural perfume journey, we invite you to join us for a free consultation via Zoom. Sensoriam co-founder Jessica will dive into the results of your general scent profile and explain how different scents interact with your skin. This is an opportunity to open your eyes to new natural fragrances and explore the scents that suit you best. 

Your favourite scents will be sent to you in mini perfume samples so you can see for yourself how natural fragrance works to your benefit. We also offer a $20 voucher for your next full-size perfume purchase, to thank you for trusting us along your natural fragrance journey.

Discover Natural Perfume Samples Australia-wide

At Sensoriam, our carefully curated collection of mini perfume sets has something for everyone, whether you like florals or woody, spicy or sweet. Book a free consultation with co-founder Jessica to discover your perfect natural perfume.

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