Can Perfume be Harmful to Your Health?

Fragrance is one of the most successful money-making industries in global beauty. Unfortunately, the rise of perfumes and skincare has seen an increase in chemicals and allergens, too. There are several toxins found in normal perfumes, which is why natural alternatives may suit eco-conscious and health-conscious people better. Here are the reasons why mass-produced perfume has potentially harmful side effects.

Normal vs. Non Toxic Perfume

Let’s look at what’s really in your perfume. Mainstream perfumes are often found to contain phthalates, an industrial chemical used in plastics, solvents, and synthetic fragrances. These endocrine disruptors are not natural but are often grouped under fragrance on the ingredient list, so it’s not fully clear what you’re using on your skin. Parabens and similar artificial preservatives, along with benzyl alcohol, synthetic musk and limonene may also appear in normal perfume. None of these chemicals are recommended for human use, which is why non toxic perfume, without harsh and potentially harmful substances, is generally preferred.

Health Concerns with Mainstream Perfume

Now we’ve explored the toxins found in cheap perfume, which is produced in mass quantities, let’s discuss what this could mean for your health. The most prevalent health concerns experienced by many regular perfume wearers include allergies, asthma, and eye irritation. What’s very concerning is the link between phthalates, often found in synthetic fragrances or plastics, with fertility and foetal development. Artificial preservatives like parabens are also linked to fertility issues, cancer, and other health issues, according to the Environmental Working Group.

Given the ongoing studies into synthetic ingredients and how they impact human health, more and more people are choosing to play it safe with natural fragrance.

Rise in Natural Perfume Oils

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