Why I stopped using Chance, by Chanel

“What is that scent you are wearing?”

Ever since I made the switch to natural perfume, I get asked this a lot. Especially by men at my salsa class!!!

I really enjoy letting them know it is all natural, unique and NON-TOXIC. Of course, they then ask me….”What do you mean non-toxic?”


In those gorgeous bottles of Chanel, Calvin Klein, Dior, or even Red Door lurk man-made synthetic chemicals that are directly linked to headaches, migraines, brain fog, asthma, allergies, dermatitis, and eczema. They have also been shown to mess with your hormones as they make their way into your body. And this can lead to fertility issues, birth defects and other health complications. Plus, all of those dodgy ingredients are tested on animals. Not so pretty, right?!

And it doesn’t stop there. These manufactured synthetic smells are in our washing powders, candles, deodorants, air fresheners, shampoo & conditioners, skin moisturisers, room sprays, kids toys…...everywhere. Our exposure is high & damaging. And it affects marine life as these get washed into waterways and oceans, disrupting their hormones and life cycles.

When I learnt about these things, I stopped using my Chanel, Chance straight away.

But, I love perfume and I didn’t want to not have any, so I went out to find natural and non-toxic fragrance alternatives. And I found some amazing perfumes. I can’t wait for you to try them.

With the Natural Perfume Collective it is my passion to create easy ways for you to discover incredible non-toxic, cruelty-free and natural perfumes. I have put in hours and hours of research time, checking all of the ingredients, testing the scents and learning about the wonderful formulators behind them.

My intention is to help you easily and delightfully discover the world of natural fragrances, and switch out your old toxic perfume. For your health, and for the health of this planet.

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