How to Test Natural Perfume Samples at Home: A Sensoriam Guide

When it comes to finding the perfect natural perfume, the Sensoriam team has your back. With a curated collection of exclusive sampler sets, floral, woody, spicy, sweet, and citrus scents from various renowned brands, Sensoriam offers an unparalleled discovery experience. Here, we dive into the art of testing natural perfume samples at home, bringing you expert advice from our founder, Jessica Kiely.

How to Get Perfume Samples

"One of the best ways to explore new scents is through discovery sets or mini perfume samplers," says Jessica Kiely. At Sensoriam, we offer 2ml samplers of all the natural perfumes from different brands, allowing you to explore many fragrances in one place. Our discovery packs and sampler sets are exclusive, meaning you won’t find this diverse range anywhere else.

Sampling Natural Perfumes in Australia & Around The World

For those wondering how to sample natural perfumes in Australia, Sensoriam makes it simple. You can order our fragrance samples online, and we’ll deliver them straight to your doorstep. This convenience allows you to test our luxurious 100 natural scents in the comfort of your home.

We actually deliver these all over the world! It is a beautiful natural perfume community that we love to help. 

Our Sensoriam Natural Perfume Mini & Sampler Sets are here

Benefits of Trying Perfume Samples at Home

Testing natural perfume samples at home has several advantages:

Personal Experience: "Trying a perfume in your own environment lets you see how it truly interacts with your skin and surroundings," notes Jessica Kiely.

Cost-Effective: Buying a full-size bottle can be a significant investment. Sampling first ensures you love the scent before committing.

Flexibility: With our 2ml samplers, you can take the fragrance with you throughout your day, reapplying as needed to experience its full development.

One Seed Winter Natural Perfume Sample Set at Sensoriam

Understanding the Cost of Our Natural Perfume Samples

Our natural perfume samplers have a cost because creating premium, natural perfumes is more expensive. "Charging for samples supports the brands in our Sensoriam Collective family, ensuring fair compensation for farmers who supply the essential oils," explains Jessica. It also guarantees authenticity, so you can trust that you're experiencing genuine, high-quality scents.

With any of the mini sets we always include a 20% Discount Card for you to use on your full size purchase. Explore. Decide. Go Full Size.  

Tips for Evaluating Perfume Samples

Here are some expert tips for making the most of your natural perfume samples:

Initial Excitement: It’s natural to want to try all your samples as soon as they arrive. Go ahead and indulge your curiosity!

One Scent at a Time: To truly understand a perfume, wear one scent exclusively for a day. This helps you notice how it evolves over time on your skin.

Reapplication: Carry your 2ml sampler with you and reapply as needed. This allows you to experience the scent in different environments and throughout various activities.

Take Notes: Document your impressions. Does the fragrance change? How long does it last? How does it make you feel?

Making Your Final Choice

Once you’ve spent time with each sample, you’ll have a better sense of which natural perfume resonates with you. At Sensoriam, we also offer full-size bottles of all our perfumes, so you can purchase your favourite scent with confidence.

Discover Sensoriam's Exclusive Sampler Sets

At Sensoriam, we pride ourselves on providing an exclusive way to explore natural fragrances. Our sampler sets, featuring floral, woody, spicy, sweet, and citrus scents, offer a unique opportunity to find your perfect match. No other place offers such a comprehensive and luxurious experience for 100% natural perfumes.

Our Sensoriam Natural Perfume Sampler Sets are here

Embark on your natural fragrance journey with Sensoriam today. Discover the beauty of eco-friendly, 100% natural premium scents crafted by talented artisans from around the world. Explore our collection, and let your senses lead the way.

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