What is the difference between essential oils and natural perfume?

Are essential oils the same as natural perfume? 

We often get people asking us this. People also share that they enjoy wearing essential oils as a fragrance instead of synthetic perfumes.

But, there is a difference. Essential oils and natural perfumes have similarities and differences. Let’s dig a little deeper. 

Essential oils are the pure extracts from plants, flowers, grasses and other natural materials. Extraction techniques are used to release the scent molecules and they are then captured. These are essential oils like lavender, rose, lemongrass, eucalyptus and sandalwood and many more of course. When in their purest form and undiluted they are considered ‘neat’. When choosing essential oils it is important to choose 100% natural to ensure they are the best quality, non synthetic, and have used a safe extraction process. 

We have a range of 100% natural essential oil blends for you to enjoy. 


Well, yes and no!

Yes, natural perfumes do contain essential oils, all 100% natural. You will see with any of the natural perfumes we have in our collection there is a full ingredient list and you can see which essential oils are included. 

However, natural perfumes go further. Perfumery has a rich history through the ages. It is an artform. Additional elements you will find in natural perfumes are things like tinctures (which are made from soaking plants in alcohol), resins, botanical extracts, distillates, and plant waxes. These are then combined and balanced with a base of plant based alcohol or a carrier oil, for natural perfume oils. With this combination they fuse together very uniquely, almost like magic. 

Natural perfumes are fine fragrances. They are a lot more complex than a few essential oils being put together. They are a science and an artform. 

Natural perfumes are a fine balance. You will discover a top note, middle and bottom note within each perfume and this has been intentionally created by the perfumer who has carefully put it together. This also gives them longevity, complexity and beauty. 

The other difference is that essential oils will quickly begin to break down once in contact with your skin if they are on their own. When they are used in a natural perfume formulation with all of the other components they are just one part of the puzzle, and you will find a natural perfume lasts much longer than an essential oil. 

Mainstream synthetic fragrances may use some essential oils, but the majority of the scent molecules used have been synthetically created. Learn more about what is in your perfume here. 

Our natural perfumes are scented using 100% natural ingredients. We have personally checked all of the perfumes and been in contact with their Founders and perfumers to ensure all natural botanical ingredients and essential oils are used. We believe they are better for our health and the health of our planet. We also believe that natural ingredients have a greater bioactive energy to them that you can feel and experience in the perfumes.

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