7 Long Lasting Natural Perfumes

Walk through any international airport and you will find the largest array of perfumes on offer from around the world. However, as we now know a majority of those perfumes are made with synthetic ingredients like phthalates, aldehydes, and other synthetic compounds, which have been found to pose a potential risk of hormone disruption, and major respiratory issues.

Thankfully, as we know here at Sensoriam, there's a growing trend towards producing perfumes made entirely of natural, vegan-friendly ingredients. What's more, some brands are taking the extra step to ensure that their production methods are both eco-friendly and ethical, leading to a better and safer perfume industry.

What affects if a perfume lasts, or not?

Synthetic perfumes use a variety of fixatives to help prolong the scent, including chemicals such as musk ketone, musk xylene, and phthalates like diethyl phthalate (DEP). These synthetic fixatives are often cheaper and more reliable than natural fixatives, which is why they are widely used in the fragrance industry. However, some synthetic fixatives have been linked to health and environmental concerns, leading to increased demand for natural and organic perfumes. And many of them also come from animal origins. 

Organic ingredients like frankincense, oud, benzoin, myrrh, and Peru balsam have a molecular structure that delays scent loss, making them ideal fixatives for natural perfumes that have a long-lasting scent. Natural perfumers use these ingredients, which are also known as "fixatives," to hold the fragrance together and prevent it from fading away once the liquid evaporates on the skin.

In addition, plant-based fixatives such as vetiver and oakmoss have a slow evaporation rate, but they do not affect the evaporation rate of other ingredients. As a result, these base notes tend to remain noticeable long after the middle and top notes have faded.

PLUS, the strength and longevity of a perfume are directly related to the concentration of fragrance in the liquid. The percentage of fragrance in a perfume is known as its concentration, and it can range from very low to very high, with the most concentrated perfumes having the highest percentage of fragrance.

Perfumes with a higher concentration of fragrance tend to be more potent and long-lasting, while those with a lower concentration have a more subtle scent and a shorter lifespan on the skin. Here are the typical concentration levels for various perfume categories:

Eau de Cologne: 2-5% fragrance concentration
Eau de Toilette: 5-15% fragrance concentration
Eau de Parfum: 15-20% fragrance concentration
Parfum or Extrait de Parfum: 20-30% fragrance concentration

In general, the higher the percentage of fragrance in a perfume, the stronger and longer-lasting the scent will be on the skin. However, it's worth noting that factors like skin type, humidity, and temperature can also affect the longevity of a perfume, even if it has a high concentration of fragrance.

We have more information about perfume types, concentrations and length of how long they last here - How To Distinguish Between Different Types and Strengths of Perfumes

Natural…but not ethical

Animal testing and the use of animal-derived ingredients are major ethical concerns in the perfume industry, even for natural perfumes. Some vegans may be shocked to learn that their favourite fragrances may have been tested on animals or may contain animal ingredients, such as musk, ambergris, and castoreum, which are pheromone-rich fixatives. Although non-toxic, these fixatives are obtained through inhumane methods, making them highly cruel.

Musk was originally extracted from the sexual glands of the Himalayan musk deer, but nowadays it is more commonly harvested from civet cats. Ambergris, on the other hand, is a solid, waxy substance produced in the digestive system of sperm whales, while castoreum is an oil produced by the castor sacs found in beavers. All of these fixatives involve cruelty to animals, and therefore, perfumes that contain them are not included in our list of 7 Long Lasting Natural Perfumes. It's important to never contribute to animal cruelty by purchasing such fragrances!

There are many ways to use natural perfume and enjoy its scent longer. 

How Do You Make Your Natural Perfume Last Longer On Your Skin?

And 5 Ways To Wear Natural Perfume.

We have chosen 7 non toxic, vegan and natural perfumes that we have found are very strong and have lasting power. This is due to their concentrations, types of ingredients and scent combinations. 

Sensuali - Sensuali is a complex and provocative balance of aphrodisiacs and orientals including jasmine, orange blossom and amber. It bewitches with its enchanting sweetness and persuasive power.

Melis Sensuali is exquisitely crafted to arouse the senses.

Courage - An ethereal scent with a delicious combination of Magnolia, Ylang Ylang and Amber.

One Seed Courage is an ethereal scent with a delicious combination of Magnolia, Ylang Ylang and Amber.

Ember Haze - Ember Haze fuses smoky woods with the rich, luxurious warmth of amber and vanilla.

Ember Haze fuses smoky woods with the rich, luxurious warmth of amber and vanilla.

Aura-Soma 80 - Ylang Ylang and Jasmine combine to communicate the ‘Trumpet’, an awakening of love.

Aura-Soma 80 is an almost regal combination which inspires the deeper levels of love and compassion.

Wildflower - Breathe in the heady spring scents of a suburban garden. A unison of cultures as native gems grow alongside imported blooms.

Wyalba Wildflower is designed to be distinctively inspired by the Australian landscape.

Le Feu - A hot milky infusion of flowers, bark, spices and rhizomes. Botanical and narcotic, a flamboyant fragrance with solar, pure and saturated hues.

Le Feu is a hot milky infusion of flowers, bark, spices and rhizomes.

L’Ambre des Fleurs - An ambery nectar harvested at dusk in a field of tuberoses and everlasting flowers.

L'Ambre des Fleurs is an ambery nectar harvested at dusk in a field of tuberoses and everlasting flowers.

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