Top 20 Ways to Personalise Your Hen Do, Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party

The tradition of the hens party, also known as a bachelorette party, has evolved significantly over time. Historically, this celebration was known as a "bridal shower" and originated in the late 19th century. The concept was rooted in the idea of "showering" the bride with gifts and blessings for her new life. Unlike today's vibrant festivities, early celebrations were more conservative, focusing on intimate gatherings among close friends and family.

What is the Role of the Hens Party in the Wedding Experience?

In the modern wedding arc, the hens party plays a crucial role. It serves as a break from the often stressful wedding planning process, offering the bride a chance to relax and celebrate her transition into married life. This event is an opportunity for the bride to bond with her closest friends and family members, creating lasting memories before her big day. It symbolises the end of one chapter and the beginning of another, marking a rite of passage with joy and companionship.

How are Hens & Bachelorette Parties Celebrated Around the World?

Different cultures celebrate the bride-to-be in unique ways:

In the United States it often includes a night out, sometimes a weekend getaway, with activities like dancing, games, and pampering.

In the United Kingdom it is  known as a "hen do" and it often features themed parties, spa days, or even adventurous activities like paintballing.

In India the bride’s friends and family organise a "mehndi" party where henna is applied to the bride's hands and feet amidst music and dance.

In Australia hens parties are often lively, with beach outings, boat parties, and outdoor adventures.

In China they often include karaoke nights, traditional tea ceremonies, spa days, and bridal showers influenced by Western customs.

Bulgarian hens parties, or "Mominsko Party," feature traditional rituals like the "horo" dance, outdoor activities, cultural workshops, and feasts of local cuisine.

In New Zealand Māori Culture Māori hens parties, known as hui, involve community gatherings with traditional songs, haka dances, marae stays, and whānau (family) involvement, emphasising cultural activities and ceremonies.

For such a special occasion, how can you make your hens party really memorable and deeply personal?

20 Ways to make Your Hens Party Unique and Memorable

20 Ways to Make Your Hens Party Unique and Memorable

1. Personalised Invitations: Set the tone with custom-designed, eco-friendly invitations that you actually mail to people.

2. Storytelling Circle: Share stories and memories about the bride, celebrating her journey.

3. Memory Scrapbook: Create a scrapbook filled with photos and messages from each guest.

4. Swag Bag: Gift to all of the guests a really thoughtful swag bag of goodies like face masks, mini bottles of champagne, crowns or even name tags! Arrange these all on a table before everyone arrives for an extra wow factor.

We can help you with some natural perfume mini’s or essential oils for these for that gorgeous natural perfume addition.

5. Cultural Celebration: Incorporate elements from the bride's cultural background.

6. Handwritten Letters: Write letters to the bride to be read on her honeymoon.

7. Natural Perfume Workshop: Host a session with Sensoriam to create personalised perfumes.

We can also help the Bride choose her special natural perfume wedding scent.

8. Eco-Friendly Decorations: Use sustainable materials for decorations and favours.
9. Capture the Day: Hire a local photographer for a photoshoot that is extra special with all of the Bride’s best friends. Or get some polaroid cameras and do old-school fun pics together!
10. Favourite Photos: Get all of the guests to bring their favourite (or funniest) photo of the Bride and peg them up around the room or on a special board where you are all having the party.

11. Personalised Gifts for the Brides new chapter: Present the bride with gifts with her new monogram or married name.

12. Include those who can’t attend: There are always many who want to enjoy the hens party, but just can't come. Find a way to include them with messages, contribute to a larger video message or Zoom them in live to enjoy it all with you.

13. Fly in a Surprise: Is there someone special you can fly in to surprise the Bride on the day of the Hens party that she would love to see?
14. Themed Dress Code: Choose a meaningful theme that resonates with the bride's interests.
15. Charity Event: Include a philanthropic activity, like volunteering or a charity auction.
16. Movie Night: Watch the bride’s favourite films in an outdoor setting with a projector.
17. Travel Journal: Give the bride a beautiful journal to document her honeymoon adventures.
18. Photo Booth: Set up a photobooth with props that reflect the Bride's personality.
19. Create a Personal Playlist: Put together a playlist of all of the Bride's favourite songs and get all of the guests to contribute at least one song each. These can be played when you are all together and share the memories they bring up.
20. Make a giant cubby house: Yes, just like when you were kids! Find a space, and get all of the items needed to make a giant cubby house for all of the guests to enjoy! Then of course, watch movies and share stories.

For some great ideas on activities to do for your Hens Party, Bridal Shower or Bachelorette party we have our Top 10 Amazing Natural & Sustainable Hens Party Ideas for you. 

Who is responsible for organising a hens party?

Typically, the maid of honour and bridesmaids take charge, as they are the bride's closest friends. They are responsible because they understand her tastes and can plan a celebration that is both intimate and memorable.

By integrating personal touches, cultural elements, and luxurious experiences, you can create a hens party that is not only unique and memorable but also deeply meaningful for the bride-to-be. At Sensoriam, we are dedicated to helping you craft these special moments with our premium, eco-friendly offerings. Contact us to learn more about how we can elevate your celebration.

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