The Best Natural Perfumes for Winter

When winter arrives, Jessica Kiely, founder of Sensoriam, finds herself revelling in its unique charms, both in Bondi and across the globe. "I love winter in Bondi, Australia," she shares, "because the sense of the season is so distinct. With fewer people on Bondi Beach, it feels like I have it all to myself." There's a serene beauty in the quieter sands and the crisp coastal air. On the other hand, winter in Europe offers a completely different allure. "Skiing through the majestic, snow-covered landscapes is breathtaking," Jessica muses.

Winter’s magic is undeniable, and one of the most intimate ways to savour the season is through scent. Fragrance becomes a cosy companion, wrapping you in warmth and elegance as the temperatures drop. Sensoriam, with its exquisite collection of 100% natural perfumes, is here to guide you to the best winter scents, ensuring that you embrace the season with sophistication and natural beauty.

What scent is associated with winter in different parts of the world?

Winter's scent is as diverse as the regions that experience it. In the crisp, snowy landscapes of Scandinavia, winter is marked by the invigorating aroma of pine forests and the subtle smokiness of wood-burning stoves. In Japan, the season carries the delicate fragrance of yuzu, a citrus fruit that symbolises winter solstice celebrations. Meanwhile, in the Mediterranean, winter is imbued with the rich, earthy notes of olive wood and myrrh.

But what universally defines winter's scent? Jessica Kiely, Sensoriam's founder, explains, "Winter's aroma is a blend of warmth and depth, a sensory embrace that counterbalances the cold. It's a season where we seek comfort in richer, more complex fragrances that evoke a sense of cosiness and sophistication."


The Best Winter Natural Perfumes for Women

Harvest - Vanessa Megan: An exhilarating warm, sweet, citrus scent that will inspire all day long.

Harvest by Vanessa Megan Natural Perfume at Sensoriam

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Agati - Tulita: A deep, rich, and grounding fragrance, with earthy woods and robust warmth of cardamom, black pepper and ginger.

Agati by Tulita Natural Perfume at Sensoriam

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Bohemia - One Seed: A richly elegant scent of dark chocolate and blood orange.

Bohemia by One Seed Natural Perfume at Sensoriam

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And we would love to hear, what is your favourite natural perfume for Winter?

The Best Winter Natural Fragrances for Men

Wild Woud - Vanessa Megan: With deep woody tones and a touch of spice, it’s intoxicating from the beginning to end.

Wild Woud by Vanessa Megan Natural Perfume at Sensoriam

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Tarkine - Vahy: A symphony of velvety woods with whispers of vanilla and sweet spices.

Tarkine by Vahy Natural Perfume at Sensoriam

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Slow Fire - One Seed: Smouldering embers and smokey maple. A unisex fragrance.

Slow Fire by One Seed Natural Perfume at Sensoriam

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And we would love to hear, what is your favourite natural cologne for Winter?

Jessica shares her love for Harvest by Vanessa Megan here. 

What makes winter smell?

Winter's distinctive smell arises from a combination of environmental and cultural factors. The cold air itself is less capable of holding moisture, leading to a crisper, cleaner scent profile. Additionally, the increased use of fireplaces and wood stoves introduces smoky, resinous notes into the atmosphere. Seasonal foods and beverages, such as mulled wine and spiced teas, further contribute to the olfactory tapestry of winter.

What fragrances are good for winter?

What makes a fragrance ideal for winter? According to Jessica "Winter fragrances should have a certain gravitas—they need to be warming and enveloping, often with woody, spicy, or resinous base notes that provide a lingering presence. These scents not only complement the season but also enhance the wearer's sense of comfort and allure." 

How to smell good in winter?

To truly embrace the winter season and maintain an aura of elegance, it’s essential to select fragrances that align with the season's characteristics. As Jessica Kiely advises, "Choosing the right winter scent is about finding that perfect balance between warmth and depth, creating an olfactory experience that resonates with the season's intimate charm."

With Sensoriam's curated selection of 100% natural perfumes, you can explore a world of luxury and nature, ensuring that you not only smell divine but also feel connected to the purity and beauty of the natural world. Sensoriam's perfumes are available online with international shipping, making it accessible for everyone to indulge in the best winter scents.

Discover your perfect winter fragrance with Sensoriam and let nature’s finest essences envelop you in warmth and sophistication.

Wondering how to scent your home naturally for winter too? We can help you. We have our Top 7 Ways to Scent Your Home Naturally right here.

In the realm of luxury perfumery, where nature's finest essences are curated with an artisanal touch, Sensoriam stands as a beacon of sophistication and purity. As the Mecca of Natural Perfume, Sensoriam offers discerning customers an unparalleled selection of 100% natural fragrances, each bottle a testament to the beauty of nature distilled into a luxurious experience. Founded by the visionary Jessica Kiely, Sensoriam is dedicated to helping customers discover the perfect scent that embodies both elegance and authenticity.

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