Whispers.I.Am - Sight

I am......the delicate veil between inner and out
At your command from your emergence.
A protection
A portal
An opening gate
From form to formless and back again.

What do you see through me when closed, my dear?

A darkness that spirals and sways like Alice down the rabbit hole...
A kaleidoscope of hyper coloured patterns that thumps at your heart and stirs your cells....
A carousel of moments played like a movie of past, present and in between....
An expanse of space upon space. Formless. No end....
Your dreams
Your dreads
Your inner head
All available at the close of the eye.

What do you see through me when opened, my dear?

First light of sun playing on all it touches...
The curves, etchings and stories carved on your hands...
A look from your love received deeply....

Open and see as if for the first time.
Open and see as if you never have before.
Open and see with an open heart.

Gifts of beauty
Received through me
For you
Every moment

You see you
You see me
You see your children's smile
And their tears
You see art that moves
And actions that tear

You see
You see


Your sight
In-Sight. Out-Sight. Through-Sight.

What can you see today, my dear?

Look deeper.


Poetry by our Co-Founder Jessica Kiely

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