7 Ways to Scent Your Home Naturally in Winter

As winter settles in and we close our doors, turn on the heaters, and limit the fresh air flow, it's important to keep our homes smelling fresh and inviting. How can we do this, naturally?

Here are the top seven ways to scent your home naturally during winter, ensuring a healthy and cosy environment.

1. Natural Room Sprays

One of the easiest and most effective ways to scent your home is by using 100% natural room sprays. These sprays are crafted with pure essential oils and plant-based ingredients, providing an instant burst of fragrance without any harmful chemicals. Simply spritz your favourite scent around the room, on linens, or upholstery to create a refreshing ambiance.

Forest Bathing - One Seed: This 100% natural room mist, featuring the benefits of Japanese hinoki wood to promote relaxation and reduce stress, and vetiver to regenerate and comfort.

Forest Bathing by One Seed Natural Room Spray at Sensoriam

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Rain on the Roof - One Seed: This 100% natural room mist features green tea to calm and promote clarity, and patchouli to ground and support emotions.

Rain on the Roof by One Seed Natural Room Spray at Sensoriam

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2. Natural Candles

Sensoriam's 100% natural candles are a wonderful way to add warmth and fragrance to your home. Made with pure essential oils and natural wax, these candles emit soothing scents that can transform any space into a cosy haven. The flickering candlelight also adds to the ambiance, making winter evenings feel extra special.

Harvest Candle - Vanessa Megan: Featuring pure essential oils of Sweet Orange, Bulgarian Lavender, Peru Balsam, Patchouli and Pacific Sandalwood.

Harvest Candle by Vanessa Megan at Sensoriam

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August Candle - Vanessa Megan: Featuring pure essential oils of Sage, Vetiver, Cinnamon, Sandalwood, Palo Santo, Clove Bud and Eucalyptus Malee.

August Candle by Vanessa Megan at Sensoriam

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Ember Haze Candle - Vahy: Ember Haze fuses smoky woods with the rich, luxurious warmth of amber and vanilla.

Ember Haze Candle by Vahy at Sensoriam

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Tasmania 1 - The Raconteur: A gorgeous fresh scent that is like a dose of forest bathing.

Tasmania 1 Soy Wax Candle by The Raconteur at Sensoriam

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3. Simmering Potpourri

Create your own simmering potpourri using ingredients from your kitchen. Combine water, citrus peels, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and star anise in a pot and let it simmer on the stove. This mixture will release a warm, spicy aroma throughout your home.

4. Essential Oil Diffusers

Essential oil diffusers are a great way to disperse natural fragrances throughout your home. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil blend to the diffuser, and let it work its magic. Popular winter scents include vetiver, cedarwood, and frankincense.

Juniperberry & Frankincense Essential Oil - Addition Studio: Australian native essential oil blend of Juniperberry & Frankincense.

Juniperberry and Frankincense Essential Oil by Addition Studio at Sensoriam

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5. Scented Pine Cones

Collect pine cones and enhance their natural aroma with a few drops of essential oil. Arrange them in a decorative bowl or basket for a rustic, fragrant display. This is a simple and aesthetically pleasing way to add a natural scent to your home.

6. Baking Spices

Utilise the power of baking spices like nutmeg, ginger, and cardamom. Sprinkle them onto a baking sheet and heat them in the oven at a low temperature. The warmth of the oven will release the rich, spicy aromas, making your kitchen smell like a winter bakery.

7. DIY Herbal Sachets

Create herbal sachets using dried lavender, rosemary, and thyme. Place these sachets in drawers, closets, or even under pillows. The herbs release a subtle fragrance that freshens up enclosed spaces and adds a natural aroma to your home.

What Natural Scents Are Good in the House in Winter?

During winter, certain scents can create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Here are some natural fragrances that are particularly well-suited for the season:

Cinnamon and Clove: Warm and spicy, these scents evoke the cosiness of winter holidays.

Citrus: Fresh and uplifting, citrus scents like orange and lemon can brighten up dark winter days.

Eucalyptus: Refreshing and invigorating, eucalyptus helps clear the airways and is perfect for combating winter colds.

Cedarwood: Earthy and grounding, cedarwood adds a touch of natural warmth.

Vanilla: Sweet and comforting, vanilla is a universally loved scent that adds a sense of cosiness.

Frankincense and Myrrh: These ancient resins have a deep, rich aroma that brings a touch of luxury and spirituality.

For those looking for a fragrance ideal for the winter season, we have The Best Winter Natural Perfume Recommendations right here.

Discover Sensoriam's exquisite collection online, and let nature's finest essences envelop your home in warmth and sophistication this winter.

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