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In ancient times perfumes and fragrances were actually solid, using essential oils set in a resin or wax that would have then been applied to the skin. Apparently Cleopatra was very fond of her solid perfumes, lathering them on her skin with aromas from far away lands, ready to entice Marc Antony. 

Of course, perfume has changed a great deal since then. 

As new methods of extraction, blending and spraying were created, perfumes took on more liquid form. Think of the 1920s dressers with the gorgeous antique perfume bottles that you squeezed out through the pump atomizer.  

Traditionally, perfumes contain alcohol as a base liquid carrier for the fragrance oils. The alcohols for most commercial fragrances are made synthetically. 

Many of the natural perfumes that are sprayed use alcohols as their carrier liquids. These alcohols are made from natural materials like sugar cane, grapes, wheat and other natural ingredients.

However, there is a growing interest in and emergence of alcohol free perfumes and alcohol free natural perfumes. For some people this is due to a religious choice, for others their skin is particularly sensitive to alcohols and for others they enjoy having a range of perfume types to choose from. 

There are many alcohol-free natural perfume alternatives.

Sensoriam Wyalba Solid perfumes

What are alcohol-free perfumes?

Alcohol-free perfumes are fragrances that do not contain alcohol as a base ingredient. Instead, they use alternative carriers such as water, oil, wax or resin to dilute and mix the essential oils used to create the fragrance. These perfumes are often referred to as “oil-based” or “water-based” fragrances. 

Why do people want alcohol-free perfumes?

There are many reasons why people may prefer alcohol-free perfumes. One of the most common reasons is sensitivity to alcohol. Alcohol-based fragrances can cause some irritation or dryness for some people. Alcohol-free perfumes provide a gentler alternative for those with sensitive skin. 

Alcohol-free perfume is much easier to travel with. As the base for alcohol-free perfume is water or a carrier oil, it means you can have it in your carry on luggage when travelling. Alcohol based perfumes are considered a dangerous good as the alcohol is flammable. 

There are others who choose alcohol free perfume because they follow a halal or kosher lifestyle and would prefer to avoid alcohol based products. 

Do alcohol-free perfumes last?

Alcohol-free perfumes can still last just as long as traditional perfumes. There are many factors that affect ‘staying power’ with perfumes. It is mostly about the percentage of fragrance in the carrier material. 

You can read here on different types of perfumes and how long each can last.

Many people believe that oil based perfumes, like roll ons, actually last longer than alcohol based perfumes as the evaporation is much less. 

In our experience all of our natural alcohol-free perfumes last very well on the skin. The water based perfumes from Vanessa Megan are a lighter fragrance, the oil based perfumes in our collection are very rich and last exceptionally well, and the solid perfumes from Wyalba are very nourishing for the skin as well as smelling amazing.

Sensoriam natural perfumes without alcohol – Vanessa Megan

What are alcohol-free natural perfumes made from?

Alcohol-free natural perfumes can be made from a variety of ingredients, including water, oil, waxes and resins. Essential oils, tinctures, botanical extracts and other fragrances materials are still used to create the fragrance, and they are diluted with the carrier of choice. Some common carrier oils include jojoba oil, coconut oil, and almond oil. Water-based perfumes are made by mixing essential oils with distilled water. All of these ingredients can be 100% natural. 

With their growing popularity, there is no doubt that we will see more alcohol-free perfumes in the market in the future. We will continue to bring in new luxe options, and as always check their ingredients and quality so you have peace of mind with the quality and naturalness of everything you find at Sensoriam. 

We have a great range of 100% natural alcohol-free perfumes for you to choose from. 


Vanessa Megan
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