5 Reasons Why Natural Scent Will Make Your Workplace More Productive

Scent can have a powerful impact on our mood and emotions. It makes sense then to use scent in the workplace to help promote focus, creativity and energy. 

Many workplaces use air diffusers that spray scent automatically or rely on the scent from the cleaners. Most of these fragrance scents are synthetic and may be doing more harm than good. Research is showing that over 30% of adults have fragrance sensitivity, that is 3 in every 10 people, and synthetic scents are often the reason. These sensitivities can lead to headaches, migraines, asthma, skin irritations and in other cases hormone disruption. As any of us would know, when we are experiencing any of those symptoms we are not productive, creative and feel zapped of energy. 

Using natural scents in the workplace can help. You can use natural scents that will create a healthy and productive workspace for everyone.

Why Natural Scents will Make Your Workplace More Productive & Healthy

  1. Natural Scents contain no Synthetic ingredients: When you use 100% natural scents in the workplace you will have peace of mind knowing that it is healthy for everyone at work, and will not adversely affect those with fragrance sensitivities.

  2. Natural scents that are made with 100% natural essential oils have beneficial effects on mood and behaviour. 

  3. Well chosen natural scents can create a positive and welcoming environment. Walking into a space that is filled with a lovely subtle natural aroma creates a great first impression. 

  4. A custom natural room scent can also create a unique brand experience. It is possible to work with a natural perfumer to create your very own branded natural scent that is used in your workplace. We can help you with this if you are interested. 

  5. And finally, beautiful natural scents can help eliminate other odours in the workplace that are not so pleasant. A well placed natural room spray in the bathrooms can be quite welcome!

What Scents Are Best For Your Workplace?

Reduce stress with calming lavender, bergamot & camomile. 
Inspire creativity with scents like lemon, orange, cinnamon & peppermint.
Create a focused space with scents of rosemary, sage, and sandalwood.


Sensoriam natural essential oils

What are the best ways to spread natural scent in the workplace?

It is best to avoid the plastic air diffusers. There are many other ways to scent the workplace that are natural and healthy.

  1. Open the Windows: Yes, it is an easy way to get fresh air and ensure movement of air in the office.

  2. Use Natural Room Sprays: There are lovely luxe natural room sprays that are made with 100% natural ingredients. This will mean you can have a different scent for different occasions. You will find our selection of natural room sprays here.

  3. Electric oil diffusers with high quality essential oil blends are great for scenting the room. High quality diffusers with as little plastic as possible are best.

  4. Reed diffusers can also be used. They are low maintenance. Be sure the reeds are made from wood and the oils the reeds sit in are high quality and 100% natural.

  5. Naturally scented candles are good, however they will need to be used safely.


Sensoriam natural room sprays 

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