SPICY NATURAL PERFUMES (formally known as oriental)

Let’s step into the world of spicy perfumes.

Warm, sensuous fragrances that are often infused with exotic spices.
This range of perfumes are often referred to as ‘oriental’. A term that was coined a long time ago for those perfumes using ingredients that were used in the very early days of perfume making in ‘The Orient’. In these modern times, with a truly global world of fragrance, it has become more apt to refer to this genre as AMBERY or SPICY. Who doesn’t like it a little spicy every now and then, right?!


Categories of perfumes are used to assist with grouping fragrances that share similar main characteristics.

In the category of SPICY it brings in vanilla, musk-like naturals, spices and amber. You can also find cinnamon, coumarin, tonka beans, frankincense, myrrh, oud and labdanum.


These scents evoke a sense of mystery and memories of adventures to new places. The sharper and stronger scent associated with spices, many of which we use in our kitchens, are often softened with ambery notes from resins and gums. You can sometimes even find scents in this category with dark chocolate and coffee elements in them. With so much depth they smell beautifully indulgent and luxurious.

Of course, perfumers who create the scents, create their scents with harmony in mind, and so these spicy scents also include some floral elements to them to balance the spice. However, on the whole their main ingredients and characteristics place them more in this spicy category.

Spicy and oriental style perfumes make great evening scents to wear. And they are a popular choice for winter as they are warming. But of course, they can be worn all year round. It is all about your own personal preferences and how they make you feel.

In our collection, COURAGE by One Seed is one of my favourites, and one of the early natural perfumes that I discovered. It feels mature and boss-like for me. It has such depth, and I never need much to have a big impact.


One Seed Courage Natural Perfume

You can also match HARVEST from Vanessa Megan with one of their incredible Candles of the same scent. You will lounge in the warmth created. Perfect for the cooler evenings of autumn. And the wonder of ginger in Vahy DUSK AMOUR hints to its full bodied deliciousness.


Vanessa Megan Harvest Candle

Vahy Dusk Amour Natural Perfume

Vahy Dusk Amour Natural Perfume

Mainstream perfumes that are considered SPICY include Yves Saint Laurent Opium, Thierry Mugler Angel, Tom Ford Black Orchid, Donna by Valentino and Chanel Coco Noir. So if those have appealed to you in the past, you can find your natural spicy perfume alternative here at Sensoriam.

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