So, What is Natural Perfume?

With a seemingly endless array of perfumes out there, many fragrances promise the world. There’s a difference, however, between fragrances inspired by nature and purely natural perfume from Sensoriam. Here’s what you need to know about the rise of natural perfume and the science of toxins.

Synthetic vs. Natural Fragrance

Mainstream perfumes may have a nice name and come in a fancy bottle, but the ingredient list is often full of synthetic fragrances and potential toxins. While synthetic fragrance is derived from laboratory chemicals, natural ingredients are sourced from raw plant oils and extracts. 

Many synthetic fragrances contain phthalates and mystery allergens, compared to natural perfumes, which contain essential oils, CO2 extracts, concretes, and absolutes. These natural materials are so much better for your body and make natural, non toxic perfume the ideal option. Read more about what’s in perfume.

Natural Perfume Ingredients

Raw plant materials offer abundant natural ingredients for safe, sophisticated scents that give you the perfect boost of confidence. With 100% natural perfume, you can embrace every lovely, calming spritz.

Natural Perfume Oils

Essential oils are responsible for the dreamiest aromas you get only from organic perfume. Steam distillation and expression are used to obtain essential oils from plants to create perfumes, aromatherapy, medicines, and skincare. Mild hydrosols are gentle on skin and work well for toners, creams, and lotions, too.

CO2 Extracts

CO2 extracts in natural perfumes are also popular as they embody a full spectrum of raw materials. Carbon dioxide may be used to extract natural aromatics from raw plants, and the complete evaporation means there’s no harmful residue or masked aroma.

Concretes & Absolutes

Rose, jasmine, and orange plants offer concretes, which are formed by combining plant materials with a solvent and natural resins. Gentle heating in a negative pressure vacuum creates a waxy compound with high botanical components. Absolutes are made from concretes, which are washed with ethyl alcohol and distilled to extract aromatic compounds.

Discover the Beauty of Non Toxic Perfume in Australia

Now that you know about natural perfume oils, it’s time to find your perfect scent and embrace the many benefits of organic perfume from Sensoriam. Shop the range of cruelty-free natural perfume, scented candles, and room spray today.

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