Have you been thinking of switching to natural, non synthetic fragrances? You’re not the only one.

The fragrance industry is at a major turning point right now; people are moving towards natural ingredients when it comes to their perfumes.

But we’ve all got our favourite fragrances, they trigger memories for many of us, so they’re often sentimental.

Here lies the issue – how do you switch to all natural perfumes when you already have your ride-or-die favourite scents?

We’ve put together a list of some cult favourite perfumes along with their alternatives (with similar compositions), so that you can feel confident in moving to natural.

Chanel Chance

A favourite of many, Chanel Chance is a whirlwind floral fantasy, with notes of Jasmine, Iris, Patchouli, blended with Pink Pepper, Musk, and Vanilla. It’s fresh, feminine and an everyday staple for women everywhere.

Natural Alternative: AURA-SOMA 56

A luxurious violet fragrance, this is designed for those who want to be seen, to make you feel like the brightest version of you. Its floral scent is wrapped with notes of Ylang Ylang, Musk, and Jasmine to add a touch of sophistication, as well as Nutmeg to add a hint of sophistication and refreshment. The perfect everyday scent for a feminine, unique you.

Giorgio Armani Si

This fruity-floral fragrance is popular for those seeking a youthful, fresh, and sophisticated scent. Black Currants, May Rose, and Freesia give this fragrance its uplifting floral scent, while Vanilla Patchouli, and Ambroxan produce a mature sophistication that has made it a staple in on many dressing tables. 

Natural Alternative: Vahy Luna

A few spritzes of Luna and you’ll be transported to the moonlit streets of Marrakech. This is a magnetic, versatile fragrance that pulls you into its intoxicating combination of Bergamot, Geranium, Patchouli, and Cedarwood. It’s chic, sultry, intense, and soft – the perfect scent to have people asking, ‘what are wearing?’.

Marc Jacobs Daisy

A contemporary icon thanks to its ability to perfectly embody the spirit of spring and summer, Daisy takes its charm and optimism from floral notes like Violet, Strawberry, Blood Grapefruit, Jasmine, and Gardenia Modern. While Musk, White Woods, and Vanilla add a youthful elegance.

Natural Alternative: Aura-Soma 30

Just like Daisy, Aura-Soma 30 brings you nature and the seasons personified. With key notes like Musk, Vanilla, and Jasmine, this scent envelopes you with powerful awakening energy that keeps your head in the heavens, but your feet firmly on the ground. It not only brings you a crisp and optimistic scent, it can also bring you closer to self-understanding – Aura-Soma 30 isn’t just a fragrance, it’s an experience.

YSL Black Opium

An edgy, rich amber and vanilla fragrance that lingers long after the initial spritz. Coffee, Jasmine, Vanilla, and Licorice give this fragrance its intoxicating rich scent, while notes of Pear, Pink Pepper, and Orange blossom add a hint of innocence and spice.

Natural Alternative: One Seed Slow Fire

This smouldering fragrance draws you in with Sandalwood, Vanilla, Cedarwood, and Black Peppercorn to give you a rich and hypnotic sensory experience. It’s an intense, moreish scent, punctuated with Orange Blossom and Mandarin that adds the perfect touch of innocence and depth to its intense allure.

Miss Dior

This perfume is a celebration of floral decadence and beauty. Blending fragrant florals with sensual notes of Leather, Sandalwood, Amber, and Oakmoss to create a powerful perfume. Miss Dior’s iconic scent has captivated those who wear it since its inception.

Natural Alternative: Wildflower by Wyalba

Carefully curated to highlight distinctive Australian scents, Wildflower takes you on a journey through the heady spring scents of suburban gardens. Combining the scents of imported blooms like Jasmine and Neroli with Australian Sandalwood, plus a dash of Pink Peppercorn for spice, Wildflower is, in essence, a celebration of natural beauty.

Chanel No.5

In 1921, Coco Chanel asked her perfumer to create something that ‘smells like woman’. The resulting fragrance is even now still considered timeless and elegant. A blend of luxurious florals and warm base notes like Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Lily-of-the-Valley, Vanilla, and Rose, Chanel No.5 is beloved by legions of women.

Natural Alternative: Aura-Soma 80

Regal and radiant, Aura-Soma 80 blends florals like Carnation, Lily, and Rose with Vanilla to perfectly encapsulate warm sunshine. Ylang Ylang and Jasmine are used as the trumpet of this scent, communicating the awakening of love. The result? A refined, yet daring approach to womanhood that will easily replace No.5 on your dressing table.


Elegant, sensual, and sophisticated, Flowerbomb is a timeless classic for many women. Fresh florals like Orchid, Jasmine, and Rose play against the amber warmth of Musk and Vanilla to give an enchanting and feminine scent.

Natural Alternative: Melis Sensuali

Exquisitely crafted, this fragrance recreates the duality of womanhood. With notes of Jasmine, Orange Blossom, and Amber it juxtaposes the sweet and powerful, seduction and sensuality, and innocence and mystery. A natural aphrodisiac, this fragrance is your next addiction. The ultimate date-night scent.


A gentle floral fragrance that is reminiscent of fresh flowers in a soft breeze. Chloe is a light and feminine scent with notes of Peony, Litchi, Freesia, Rose, and Magnolia, melded with Cedar and Amber to keep it invigorating and charming.

Natural Alternative: Sonia Orts No 4

A fragrance that contains the colours of spring in the countryside with the aroma of fruit trees in bloom. A joyful, sophisticated floral, it holds notes of Freesia, Jasmine, and Peonies with the indulgent sweetness of Peach, Passionfruit, Mango and a touch of Honey. It’s a captivating perfume that lingers delicately for hours.


An elegant fruity floral, J’adore fuses the luscious scents of Orchid, Rose, Violet, Jasmine, and Lily-of-the-Valley with the sweetness of Pear, Melon, Peach, and Orange. The effect is a fresh, feminine, and flirty fragrance with just a touch of charm and mystery.

Natural Alternative: Vanessa Megan Liliquoi

This fragrance pays homage to beautiful spring-time blooms. A fresh floral, it combines scents like Jasmine, Tuberose, and Geranium with the velvety body of Vanilla and Black Pepper. The result is a vibrant, fresh perfume with a subtle intensity and depth. It’s designed to promote relaxation and alleviate sadness and disappointment – the perfect fragrance for everyday wear.

So the next time you’re thinking of turning to luxurious natural perfumes, refer back to this post and start your natural journey! 

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