What are “fragrance oils” and are they natural or synthetic?

We recently had a customer contact us asking “are any of your fragrances scented with pure essential oils rather than ‘natural fragrance’?”

We know there are many words and phrases used today by different brands and it can get very confusing. Words like “fragrance oils” and “natural fragrance” are some of those that you may see on labels and in promotions for certain products.


Any time you see the word “parfum” or “fragrance” on the ingredients list for a product it is most likely synthetic. They are the general terms used for any form of fragrance that has been used in the product to make it smell acceptable. It can also be a combination of hundreds of different synthetic chemicals that never have to be revealed to you, so you truly don’t know what is in it. 


Similarly, the phrase “fragrance oils” are synthetic oils most of the time. They are man-made oils manufactured to imitate a naturally occurring scent. These can also be found in many products like laundry detergent, soaps, hand sanitisers, even food and drinks.

Synthetic ‘fragrance oils’ and ‘fragrance’ have been linked to causing irritations, dryness of the skin, allergies, migraines, hormone disruption and other major health problems.

Here you can learn more about the health issues linked to synthetic fragrances.

Natural perfume oils


You may also see ‘natural fragrance’ on labels or ingredients lists for products. Again, this can mean many different things. There are no laws or regulations on companies that can use the word ‘natural’. It may be natural and from nature, but it may be synthetically made but based on something that exists in nature.

Whenever you are not sure you can contact the brand or retailer directly and ask. We do this all of the time to truly check and have full transparency on products we are using.

There are also differences when it comes to natural, organic and cruelty free.


Essential oils are the pure extracts from plants, flowers, grasses and other natural materials. Extraction techniques are used to release the scent molecules and they are then captured. These are essential oils like lavender, rose, lemongrass, eucalyptus and sandalwood and many more of course. When in their purest form and undiluted they are considered ‘neat’. When choosing essential oils it is important to choose 100% natural to ensure they are the best quality, non synthetic, and have used a safe extraction process.

We have a range of 100% natural essential oil blends for you to enjoy.

All of the natural perfumes and natural products in our collection are scented using 100% natural ingredients. We have personally checked all of the perfumes and been in contact with their Founders and perfumers to ensure all natural botanical ingredients and essential oils are used. This gives you, and ourselves, peace of mind. We believe they are better for our health and the health of our planet. We also believe that natural ingredients have a greater bioactive energy to them that you can feel and experience in the perfumes.

Explore our range of 100% natural perfumes for women, men and for your home. 

Sensoriam range of natural perfumes and natural home fragrances

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