How do you make Natural Perfume last longer on the skin?

When people are switching over to Natural Perfume, there are 'naturally' questions that come up frequently! Sometimes a complaint of Natural Perfume is that it just doesn't last as long. This is partly because it doesn't contain the artificial ingredients that make it 'grip' to the skin and your clothes. BUT, there are several things you can do to enhance your Natural Perfume's 'stay power':

  1. Apply your perfume on moisturised skin to avoid it being impacted by your skins natural oils and perspiration and evaporating more quickly.
  2. Don't rub! Spray or roll your perfume on and wait for it to dry without smudging, patting or dabbing it.
  3. Don't apply perfume to your wrists in winter if they will be covered by clothes. Instead apply to your neck and consider spraying some on a scarf or lightly in your hair.
  4. Some fragrance notes last longer than others... deeper more intense woody and oriental fragrances will tend to last longer than fresh, light citrus fragrances. So, choose accordingly based on your needs and desires.⠀
  5. Keep a roller in your hand bag. Then you can do a quick and easy top up whenever necessary without spraying your entire office or everyone at your social gathering.
  6. Understand and appreciate that wearing Natural Perfume is a far more sensual and indulgent experience and that it may be worth adjusting your expectations of how long a perfume 'should' last and rather, appreciate the gift and pleasure of wearing a scent produced by nature!

If you have any other questions about the transition to Natural Perfume you would like answered please leave us a comment below!

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