Whispers.I.Am - Hearing

I am….untouchable
And yet, can touch all of you.
Close your eyes and….Still
Through me
A world is created.

Vibration is me
Frequency is me
Infinite combinations explored
…..Man Made
To express
To move
To soothe or excite.

Listen. Listen. Listen I say. Always
A laugh. A cry. A drip. A caw
A harsh tone. A lover's wish
All through me….come alive.
Sounds of life in its ups and downs
The kookaburra’s song for the morning sunRISE.

Bathe in me to heal and feel what needs expressing
Allow me to wash all through your cells here. Now. And all planes. Layers.

For I am SOUND and the gift of HEARING

What do you hear now inside?
Go there. Singularity. Om.
Honoured by the never silence of the OUTSIDE

Sound I Am
Hearing I Am
Sense all that sound gifts. Unseen

Poetry by our Co-Founder Jessica Kiely

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