Jess’s Wish List for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a day I really enjoy! Among my favourite gifts have been art and craft items made in school when my daughter’s were little. I still have all of them! And I also have fond memories of doing High Tea with them at Langham in Sydney one year. I think they enjoyed it more than me!

Jessica Kiely and her two daughters

What is on my Mother’s Day wish list this year?

Firstly, lots of cuddles with my daughters and a homemade cup of tea from them in the morning! I have also put together a wish list of gorgeous Luxe natural gifts that would be lovely as well.

New cosy bedsheets from Bhumi for the cooler months. Bhumi is a fab Australian eco luxe brand with gorgeous pieces. The organic cotton flannel sheets look so cosy and indulgent. Crafted from 100% Fairtrade organically farmed cotton, free from toxic chemical sprays and genetically modified seeds. Perfect for my bed sanctuary. Brushed and sheared techniques create the perfect delicious velvet texture that is more than just soft.

Bhumi Organic Cotton Sheet Set

A forever piece from Iris & Wool has been on my wishlist for a while! Iris & Wool, founded by Emily Riggs, is a gorgeous Australian Fashion label that showcases 100% Australian merino wool in its collections. Wool is renewable, biodegradable, sustainable and breathable. Her stunning pieces are classic, feminine and oh so soft. This season I love the look of the Nerida sweater and the Quirinda Cable sweater - cos it is sweater weather now!

Iris and Wool Merino Wool Nerida Sweater

Anything from Bondi Wash I love and use around my home all the time! This incredible Australian brand just turned 10 this year and it still stays true to its natural origins begun by their Founder Belinda Cunningham. All natural, celebrating Australian natives and looking so luxe. I have my eye on this Kitchen Duo to top up my stocks and the Body Kit.

Bondi Wash Fragrant Body Set

For my yogi moments the Listening to Country cork yoga mat from Zone By Lydia looks divine. This company was founded by Olympian Lydia Lassila. The Listening to Country cork yoga mat was designed by Australian Indigenous artist, Ricky Kildea to create a feeling of calmness, focus and connection with a beautiful representation of what it means to be "in the ZONE" from an Aboriginal context. I love them because they are made from 100% sustainable cork and natural rubber and is PVC, latex and phthalate free. 

Listening to Country Cork Yoga Mat

My children are always wanting me to change my phone case, but I refuse to get one of those plastic ones. The Pela cases made from flax shive and a plant based biopolymer which create compostable cases look good. Pela partners with various not-for-profit organisations to help fundraise for charitable causes, including Ocean preservation and clean up. And there are so many great designs to choose from. 

Pela Eco-Friendly Phone Cases

I love the idea of growing some of my own food at home, but it needs to be easy and not take up much space. This farmstand from Lettuce Grow looks perfect. The farmstand is a tall but relatively narrow garden that will efficiently grow over 200 different types of fruits and vegetables. The self-watering and self-fertilising systems also take most of the work out of vegetable gardening. I think I would start with herbs, or strawberries!

Lettuce Grow Indoor and Outdoor Farmstand

Wishing you a relaxing, love filled Mother’s Day. Soak up all of the kisses and cuddles.

Love, Jess.

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