The Rise of Vegan Perfume

More and more people are choosing cruelty free perfume in Australia, and it’s a cause we are very passionate about here at Sensoriam. As dedicated curators of small-batch perfumes, made from all-natural ingredients, we set the bar high for luxurious non toxic fragrances that are good for you and the environment. Let’s take a closer look at the rise of vegan perfume and what to look for in your favourite fragrances.

Moving Away From Animal Testing

The vegan perfume movement is led by animal lovers who don’t want to see innocent animals used for product testing. Throughout history, animals have been the unfortunate subjects of ingredient and final product testing, but many people have had enough. Consumers are looking for products certified cruelty free, which means there was no animal testing involved in any part of the manufacturing process. This applies not just to the manufacturer, but also any supplies or third parties they work with to make the perfume.

Avoiding Animal Products

The rise of vegan non toxic perfume also involves the transition away from animal products. Traditionally, many animal products were used to make perfume, including musk, honey, ambergris, castoreum, civet, and hyraceum. Now, non toxic perfume makers focus on raw plant materials to produce beautiful scents without harming animals.

Choosing Vegan Perfume

There’s a lot to like about vegan non toxic perfume, starting with the beautiful fragrances. Vegan perfume proves that you don’t need to test on animals to produce premium fragrances. Whether you like sweet, citrus, woody, spicy, or floral fragrances, there’s something for everyone, without using animal products or testing on animals.

Of course, there are other benefits to non toxic perfume, especially the lack of mystery ingredients that could cause irritation, allergies, and other health problems. These fragrances are much better for people and the environment than their synthetic counterparts. By purchasing a perfume with vegan and non toxic certification, you can be confident in the product’s safety and purity. 

Discover Cruelty Free Perfume Australia

Now that you know more about non toxic perfume and its increasing popularity in Australia and across the globe, you can shop for natural fragrances that are better for you and the environment. Shop the range of vegan perfume at Sensoriam today.

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