Sensoriam’s first POP-UP shop!

In the heart of iconic Paddington, Sydney, Sensoriam will host its first Pop Up Shop.

For a limited time, Sensoriam is set to captivate the senses of Sydney with an exclusive two-month pop-up event. Located in the charming Wyalba boutique in Paddington, it will transport you to a world of natural perfume wonder.

We have carefully crafted an immersive experience for your senses. The boutique exudes a sense of opulence, from the moment you walk in. It's a paradise for those who seek all-natural, enchanting scents.

An Evening of Sensory Delight

As if the pop-up store wasn't exciting enough, Sensoriam has something truly special in store for you. Every Friday night, they will be hosting collaborative LIVE sensory evenings. These gatherings are an invitation to indulge in a super-luxe atmosphere, where the aromas are as divine as they are all-natural.

Personalised Perfume Consultations

Your journey at Sensoriam is not limited to simply smelling and sampling. Sensoriam offers personalised consultations to help you discover the perfect scent. We take the time to understand your unique scent profile and preferences. Armed with this knowledge, we will suggest the most exquisite fragrances that harmonise with your individuality. 

Paddington: The Ultimate Boutique Experience

While in the heart of Sydney, you'll find yourself in the midst of Paddington, a boutique shopping mecca. Immerse yourself in the world of fashion with brands like Sass & Bide, Aje, or Parlor X. Discover the artistry of Bondi Wash and the bohemian elegance of Camilla. Whatever your heart desires, you'll find it in the charming streets of Paddington.

Sensoriam Pop-Up Store Details

Where: Wyalba Store, 404 Oxford Street, Paddington
When: November & December

Opening Hours:
For daily opening hours pop onto our instagram

Don't miss your chance to experience the enchanting world of natural perfume in Sydney. Sensoriam's pop-up store is a sensory journey that will leave you captivated and craving for more. It's the ultimate olfactory escape, a testament to the power of nature's scents and the artistry of Sensoriam in bringing them to you. Discover the allure of natural perfume in Sydney; your senses will thank you.

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